Prep + Pared Kits // The Best Dinnertime Hack with Kroger

Prep + Pared Kits // The Best Dinnertime Hack with Kroger

So I know that I’m technically on maternity leave and not posting more to the blog than what I’ve already got scheduled, but I cannot keep this new dinnertime hack I’ve discovered a secret from you all! So here I am, typing away as my new baby A sleeps so that I can spread the good word! It’s no secret how passionate I am about working with others to help them live their best lives possible. From healthy eating to self care to spiritual and relational growth, I’m always looking for new ways to make the life we want to live more attainable. Today, I’m SO excited to share with you a new way to do just that – and this is something that I have recently fallen in LOVE with – The Prep + Pared Kits at Kroger.

Dinnertime, especially with kiddos [in my case, a preschooler AND a newborn], is always a wheels-off and crazy time. Making sure you have what you need to make a healthy dinner, much less making it, is a feat in and of itself. Can I be honest? There have been a couple of times [AKA definitely more than a couple] when I’ve made a trip to the grocery store and planned out an awesome dinner, only to get to the time of day where I’d need to start cooking and deciding I’m too tired to chop, prep and cook a meal… So breakfast for dinner it is… again.

I’ve decided that it’s important for me to find easier ways to accomplish a family meal, while allowing myself an opportunity to breathe in the evenings a bit and enjoy the dinner process with my family! When I make a conscious effort to do just that, I find that I’m able to give more of myself to my babes at bedtime instead of rushing to get them down just to get a chance to sit down and breathe… or sip on wine.

Enter my newest obsession – The Prep + Pared Kits from Kroger. These simple meal kits come with all the ingredients you could possibly need to make a well-rounded, gourmet dinner, without the chopping and prep-work that goes into it! Each kit is filled with quality ingredients, chopped the proper way according the the recipe, ready for cooking! Oh, and it gets better… each meal only takes 20 minutes to make! Talk about easy! The best part, though? They have Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian options, too! The other night, I picked up a kit for a Coconut Curry Chicken meal and I almost giggled with delight when I realized just how easy it was to make! It tasted amazing, too! I ate my husband’s helping and he came home from the gym to find out that his meal had been consumed by his very-hungry, breastfeeding and postpartum wife… poor guy!

These kits are a lifesaver and I’ve already bought 2 more to toss into my fridge [steak with truffle butter and fries and black bean cakes with veggies]! And I didn’t even have to leave my house to do so, as Kroger delivers! I ordered the kits online, the delivery woman told me which options I had to choose from that were gluten free, I texted her my response, and the kits were at my door all before I could finish one feeding with the baby! I had to break up my maternity leave to toss in this extra post, telling you all about these kits! Kroger has asked me to help them share the good news and I will HAPPILY do so, because these kits are so helpful! The kits are available at your local Kroger! Seriously, go pick one up! You won’t regret it!

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