Quarantine Confidence Boost: 5 Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

Quarantine Confidence Boost: 5 Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

Our brains are some of the most powerful systems on the planet. They’re so powerful, in fact, that we are often able to craft our own narratives and beliefs that we believe to be true — even when they are not. The real issue is when the things we tell ourselves are lies. When we consistently tell ourselves lies, we are consistently bogged down and struggle with thinking rationally. While this is something we all find ourselves doing, it’s also something we can make a conscious effort to stop. Here’s a brief list of lies you can say goodbye to for good.

  1. I’ll do it later

 Ah, procrastination: something we’re all familiar with and guilty of. While occasionally putting off tasks can be harmless, the consistent lie of “I’ll do it later” can be detrimental to our lifestyles. Ignoring the work out you’ve been planning, skipping the home-cooked meal, or pushing aside work until the next day all can make us feel unproductive and somewhat like a failure (though we aren’t).

So, the next time you try convincing yourself to put off your tasks until the next day, stop! Remind yourself of the feelings you get when nothing gets accomplished versus what it’s like to check off a box on your to-do list. Even just starting a project is better than nothing! Making the effort to get things done today will have you feeling positive, motivated, and confident in yourself and your actions.

  1. I can’t

Yes, you can! Seriously, most of the time that we are telling ourselves this, it’s about things we are completely capable of handling– it just may not feel like it at the time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by tasks and think you can’t handle it, take a deep breath, step back, and start small! You’re much stronger than you think.

The more you tell yourself that you can’t do something, the more you’re going to believe it. Once you believe and embrace your capabilities, even the most daunting tasks just become your next challenge.

  1. I’m not ____ enough

Whether you tell yourself you’re not good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, or what have you, it’s simply not true. Who you are is more than enough and learning to embrace what you’ve been blessed with is crucial. When we convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, we begin to feel inadequate, causing major damage to our self-esteem.

Instead, we can learn to work with your strengths and make healthy lifestyle improvements. We can stop saying that we’re not “something” enough, and start recognizing that we’re making progress.

  1. I’m fine

“Fine” hardly ever actually means fine. Often, we use this as a response for when we don’t want to talk about what’s actually on our minds. Unfortunately, when we refuse to accept the fact that we’re not okay, or that we need help, we can never grow and heal.

Learning to say “I’m not okay” is definitely not easy, but it is honest. It’s the first step to getting better, as we can then begin to work towards improving ourselves. Regardless of if this means calling our therapist or calling our mom, admitting that we need help can change our lives tenfold.

  1. I don’t deserve it 

You do deserve it, no matter what is in question. Our lives are too short to believe that there are things or feelings out there that, personally, we don’t deserve. This is simply untrue! No matter what we’ve been through, we all deserve to feel our best, to be loved, and to just be happy. Though this isn’t always the easiest task, even the smallest steps we take (like switching the “don’t” to “do”) can do wonders for our confidence.


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