Rainy Day Look with Tootsies

Rainy Day Look with Tootsies

It’s been a rainy few days here in Dallas! I think I’ve said it before… I love the rain. Seriously. It’s my favorite weather in the whole world! I’ll take a rainy day over the sunshine 9 times out of 10… While today, and the day we took these photos [isn’t this the most perfect rainy day look?] falls into that 90% of rainy days I love, Saturday is falling into that last 10%.

While I love the rain, I’m certainly hoping the rain holds off for this weekend! B turns 2 tomorrow and I’m throwing him a fun, themed birthday party OUTDOORS [… in January, like an idiot] on Saturday… So far, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees and partly cloudy… until this morning, when a 60%chance of showers showed up on my weather app… UGH. If you’re a praying person, like me, please pray that those showers hit AFTER 3:00pm CST.

On this particular rainy day, B and I stepped out in the showers for a little bit of fun! I found this Markus Lupfer perfume sequined sweater at Tootsie’s, my favorite boutique in Dallas! The sweater is seriously so cozy and soft and the sparkly perfume bottle is girly, fun and unique! B was inthralled with the sequins and sparkles too! I paired it with some jeans and OTK grey boots, but I think it would be cute with some black skinny jeans too! One thing I love about Tootsie’s is that I can go in there for, seriously, anything I need. From a casual rainy day sweater to a formal gown, this store has it all! Go in and ask of Dustin or Melissa… Tell them Chandler sent you! You won’t regret it!

So… To summarize… this look is perfect for a rainy day… or a sunny day… or any day, really… I love rain, but I don’t want it to rain on B’s birthday party day, like it did last year… Remember that? I planned to have it outside and moved it to the church at the last minute… Hoping I don’t have to do that again!

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