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Working out is just that much easier to do when you feel like you look the part!

Each month, I pick my favorite items to sweat in and share them here so you can shop them too!

January FitPicks

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For some reason I feel energized with the new year! I love a fresh start, a clean slate, and there’s something so symbolic about the beginning of the new year! While there were so many highs this year, it was definitely what I would call a “valley year” for me (you can read why here). I’m excited to step forward into 2019! While looking forward and planning ahead is incredibly important, you always carry your past with you and I can’t deny that 2018 left me with some incredible blessings and lessons learned. Because of that, I picked some fun tops that have great details on the back for my January FitPicks this year so that you can leave something beautiful behind you as you crush the goals in front of you!

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December FitPicks

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November FitPicks

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September FitPicks

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May FitPicks

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April FitPicks

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March FitPicks

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February FitPicks

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January FitPicks

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December FitPicks

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November FitPicks

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October FitPicks

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September FitPicks

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July FitPicks

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June FitPicks

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