Social Media Detox – Why We Need It

Social Media Detox – Why We Need It

It’s no question that technology and the digital world drive the society we see today. Be it Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, many of us live with our faces in our phones and eyes glued to brightly-lit screens. While the internet is full of useful, beneficial information and knowledge, exclusively living online can disconnect us from is reality and what is not. This can be incredibly unhealthy and has prevented many from enjoying and appreciating who they are and all that’s around them.

Sometimes, forcing ourselves to be disconnected from our phones can improve our mental health tenfold, helping to remind ourselves what we’re missing when we spend so much time online. Here’s a little about the true importance of taking a social media detox, and how much it can really benefit you.

False Realities

Social media is full of false realities that leave some people wondering why they weren’t fortunate enough to live the lives they see online, which can assault the self-esteem. Once we are able to understand and accept that our lives are all unique, we can prevent ourselves from becoming obsessed over what we see online and also help us focus on our own lives —  y’know, the real ones.

Stop Comparing! Live Your Best Life

When we stop comparing ourselves to those we see online, we can better learn to love ourselves, too. Staying away from social media gives us the time and energy to focus on what we have going on, and improving where we are at in life, rather than being distracted by what others are doing. Studies have shown that along with being in a better place mentally, staying away from social media can improve our sleep patterns and even decrease overall anxiety. We no longer feel the need to have this constant digital connection, and can properly recharge our batteries day after day. 

Take a Break

In a day and age where practically everything we need is in the palm of our hands, taking a break from living online is necessary. When we don’t, it’s easy to lose touch with reality and stray from our values. Real-world experiences are key in shaping who we are, our culture, and how we act on a day-to-day basis.  Today, make it your goal to set your phone down and focus on the world around you. Have face-to-face conversations, go for a walk, simply do whatever you can to disconnect from digital rhetoric. Once you do, you’ll find both your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

Final Thoughts

There is a life outside of the digital world, and when we submerge ourselves in it, our learning and growth are significantly hindered. Re-connecting ourselves with nature and the world around us can help us to become more mindful and more present in all situations. Not only is this great for you, but you’ll radiate a more welcoming, engaging presence on everyone around you.

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