Something Out of Nothing

Something Out of Nothing

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”” –Matthew 19:26
“For with God nothing will be impossible.” –Luke 1:37

We’re reading the Bible cover to cover in 2020 with our Bible study, and as the first week of the year, we’ve been reading the book of Genesis and Matthew. Although these two books are worlds apart, both in time written and in their location within the Bible (one begins the Old Testament and the other marks the start of the New Testament) one overarching theme was apparent to me.

In the beginning of Genesis, we watch as God creates the entire universe out of… nothing. No map or instruction manual… no guide or teacher… and the most amazing, no materials. He created something intricate, articulate, incredible and voluminous out… of… nothing. Zilch. Nada. Emptiness. Unreal.

Then, in the beginning of Matthew, we watch as a virgin carries a child to full term and births Him in a stable in Bethlehem, even though she was from out of town, fulfilling a prophecy that was written hundreds of year before. We watch as that baby grows into a man, who was fully God, and fills the void… builds a bridge… creates for us a way back to God, when our sins had previously made it impossible. As we read, we know that He will go on to give sight to the blind, heal the un-healable, bring the dead to life and save us from ourselves. We’ll watch as He, Himself, will die and rise again, conquering death and giving us life. Unreal.

Here’s the deal. God can create extraordinary out of nothing. He can do the impossible. With Him all things are possible.

Can’t He do the same for you?

I ask you today, what are you wanting to achieve in 2020? Does it seem like a far-away dream that is unattainable? Does it seem impossible? What would happen if you gave it to God? Nothing is impossible with Him.

Or… maybe your story looks different. Maybe you look at yourself and your life and think “I bring nothing to the table.” or “My situation/life/self is so broken, there’s no way I could ever do or be anything great.” Here’s the deal – God is in the business of making beautiful things out of nothing. In fact, broken stories and people are consistently His favorite to use! Don’t believe me? Read the Bible. He turns a shepherd into a king, a child of a prostitute into a political leader, a murderer into a saint… Nothing is impossible with God.

Don’t lose hope. Give it to Him. Nothing is impossible with God.

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