SoulCycle UPTN // Dallas Studio Review

SoulCycle UPTN // Dallas Studio Review

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time over the past 14 months, it’s no secret how much I love SoulCycle. I have absolutely fallen in love with the entire experience and have enjoyed growing physically, emotionally and relationally through my SoulCycle Journey! The SoulCycle experience is unlike anything else – no wonder the members are willing to fork up $30 per class to continue going. They invest in their members, offer a nice, clean and modern studio and provide a workout that is a full-body [and mind] experience wrapped into 45 minutes! I’m in!

SoulCycle has two locations in Dallas, PRST in Preston Center and UPTN in West Village. While they offer the same instructors, studio design and similar scheduling, the vibes at these locations are very different and definitely reflect the neighborhoods in which they’re located. I’m reviewing them both for you here so that you can decide which stop is right for your personality.

SoulCycle UPTN is located directly off of McKinney Avenue in West Village. This part of town is buzzing with 20-30-somethings and definitely offers more of a millennial party feel than Preston Center’s family-friendly vibe. Because of this, I was concerned about feeling out-of-place in a sexy, yuppie spin studio in a sexy, yuppie part of town… and while I’m definitely on the “married mom” side of the fence in those classes, those sexy yuppies are also VERY kind and open… definitely not stuffy or judge like I was expecting [shame on me!], but they’re definitely sexy. If you want to see some of Dallas’ most beautiful people, stop into a SoulCycle class [either location, really, there’s just a younger crowd at SoulCycle UPTN.

Who are my favorite instructors? When I want a ride that won’t leave me completely gassed and will focus on toning smaller muscles, pilates-style, I grab lower weights and go with Ashley. When I want a workout that rocks me to my core and strengthens my bigger muscles, I grab heavier weights and take a class with Kevin.

Time for my studio rating. I rate studios based on a 100 point system and I give them an overall grade! It’s VERY hard for a gym to get an A. I’m pretty hard on my grading system, so take that into account. I don’t consider price in any of my assessments because when someone is choosing a gym for themselves, what’s expensive or not really depends on them! Here’s the criteria:

AMENITIES/EQUIPMENT: 25 points total
WORKOUT: 50 points total
COMMUNITY: 25 points total


*SoulCycle is the fanciest of spin studios, catering to a crowd that appreciates the finer things in life, including finer people. They sell designer clothing in their boutique, partner with high-end companies for their bathroom amenities and only hire the most beautiful people [who are also incredible athletes and have cool taste in music]. That being said, they lost points because the Texas studios have yet to transfer over to the brand new, state of the art SoulCycle bikes. The ones you’ll find in Texas are still nice, just not the best of the best that SoulCycle has to offer.
WORKOUT: 50/50
    SKILLS TO MASTER – 25/25
*Yes, it’s spin class every single time, however, every single class is different, even if you choose to go back to the same instructor every time. The music changes each class and with it changes the intensity and choreography. Not to mention that each instructor brings with them a vibe, a music style and a “way they ride” which ends up being something that allows members to cater each class choice they make to the type of workout they want to experience. I’ve been doing SoulCycle consistently for a year now and each class provides a unique challenge for me to overcome or a skill to master.
     COACHES – 15/15
     MEMBERS – 5/10
*The community aspect of a gym is, to me, the hardest to cultivate and the most important thing necessary for keeping members in the gym! Honestly, I was expecting a very low community experience when I decided to try SoulCycle UPTN and my assumptions were VERY wrong. The staff and instructors at SoulCycle UPTN do an incredible job of cultivating community with unique themed rides, events, social gatherings outside of the gym and more! The community at UPTN received a lower score than PRST because the community isn’t quite as strong. This has nothing to do with the people in the studio and has everything to do with the location of the studio. Members who frequent this location are younger in general and seem to prefer to come in, participate in the community during the ride and head out to go off and do their thing after. There’s not a whole lot of hanging out before and after classes like there is at PRST.


I have fallen in love with SoulCycle – both the vibe and the workout, and SoulCycle UTPN has definitely exceeded my expectations from a community standpoint. While you might expect a stuffy environment with a sexy-appeal-oriented studio like SoulCycle, that is the opposite of what you experience. I can’t recommend it enough! Even though I scored SoulCycle UPTN a bit lower than PRST, I still prefer to go to my classes at this location because I think it’s easier to get in and out of West Village than Preston Center.

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