Travel // Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, CO

Travel // Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, CO

If you’ve followed along on my adventures for any amount of time, you know how much I love the mountains, more specifically, Beaver Creek, CO. My family and I have been traveling to Beaver Creek every summer and winter since I can remember. When I was in high school, we moved into our family mountain home up there, so from cooking Christmas dinner and skiing with the friends I made up there to working my first job at a pizza place in the village and fly fishing in the summers, Beaver Creek feels like home to me. I’ve written all about my love for this place from this travel guide of all my recommendations in Beaver Creek to this handy guide to preparing your body for the high altitudes.

This past winter, we sold our townhouse to invest in a space large enough accommodate our growing family. We began renovations just as the invitation arrived in the mail – my husband and I had been invited to a dear friend’s wedding in Beaver Creek, CO. Perfect timing, right? Luckily, the hotel there, The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek  had an open room and gave my husband and I the opportunity to be a tourist in our “hometown” a bit. The best part? We left the the kids at home, which was surreal for us. Beaver Creek is filled with family-friendly activities, so I didn’t quite think it would be a fit for a romantic getaway. The mountain and the hotel we stayed at, The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek proved me wrong.


One of the things I love most about Beaver Creek is how easy it is to get to from Dallas. Whether you fly into Denver and drive or fly directly into Eagle Vail Airport, you can get to your final destination in a matter of hours! We left Dallas around lunchtime on Friday and arrived in Beaver Creek in the early afternoon. We were all settled and checked into the Park Hyatt Hotel by 3:30pm! Easy peasy! The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is located at the top of the mountain, but at the base of the ski slope. When you walk into the lobby, floor to ceiling windows of those slopes greet you! It’s a beautiful white backdrop to their gorgeous Christmas tree in the Winter and a beautiful, green touch of nature when you arrive in the summer! Our room was just gorgeous and had a beautiful view of the mountain. Since we snagged one of the last rooms left in the hotel, we had a room with two beds, making it the most ideal cave for hibernation – that’s our idea of a getaway – sleep, sleep and more sleep!

On Friday night stopped by the new house to see how the construction was coming along, then we met up with our friends the 8100 bar in the hotel, where the bride and groom made an appearance. Then, off the do what we wanted to do most – get a full night of uninterrupted sleep! The next morning, we slept in to 8:00am – yes, that’s considered sleeping in [thank you, blackout curtains]. We ordered a healthy breakfast from room service and then made our way to the hotel gym.

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is known for their state of the art gym and award-winning spa, so we were really excited for our session with Michelle. When we arrived, Michelle greeted us and took us over to this crazy-looking wall. She showed us an example of all the things this wall could do and I thought “This will be a good little sweat.” A good little sweat, huh? Michelle kicked our booties in the best way possible! We did a good workout on the wall and then headed into her private pilates studio [the gym kept going and going and going – there’s nothing that they don’t have] and then spent the next 45 minutes kicking our booties again on the reformer! Michelle was incredibly knowledgeable and both F and I enjoyed every single minute with her. There’s no doubt about it – we will be making a session with her mandatory for every trip back up there! She was a highlight for sure!

After our session, we were pretty tired and sore. She stopped for lunch at Hooked, our favorite sushi place in the village – yes, sushi in the mountains. You can read about why we love this place in my Beaver Creek Travel Guide here. It had been so long since we were able to just sit and enjoy a long lunch together – especially outside – this Texas summer was no joke! After lunch we did something unimaginable… WE TOOK A NAP! Yes. It happened. It was magic. I almost forgot how sweet a nap can be. By the time we woke up, if was time to get ready for the wedding. The bride and groom got married at the top of the mountain, so we had the treat of riding the gondola to the top of the mountain and taking in one of my favorite views in the world! The wedding was so much fun and we were lucky enough to be sat at table 11… the most fun table at the party!

Sunday for us was the most amazing day. The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek set up a spa day for us at the Allegria Spa. I’m not kidding when I say that this is one of my favorite spas I’ve ever been to, but once I started having kids, making arrangements for a spa treatment became much harder to do. So, being able to spend the day relaxing in the spa, uninterrupted, with my husband was more than a treat – it was INCREDIBLE. I began my relaxation process by completing the pools and saunas they have available at the spa – there’s a purposeful order for this process for optimal relaxation and detoxification! After my time in the pools, I met up with my husband in a relaxation room where we waited for our treatment – a 50 minute couples massage. I communicated my sore areas with my therapist and she blew my expectations out of the water. She was so incredibly talented! It was the perfect blend between deep tissue and relaxation. I fell asleep. Yes. It was so good. I wish I was back there now!

After our spa date, The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek still wasn’t done with the surprises! They had a date night waiting for us at their signature restaurant, 8100. This is one of my favorite restaurants on the mountain [you can read more about that here]. We invited some of our friends to join us on our double date and we sat outside and enjoyed some amazing food, incredible wine and heartwarming company. We spent several hours enjoying the mountain air and talking over our meal. The food was incredible. F got the salmon and I got a steak! The service was incredible and the food was too! We ended the night by roasting marshmallows by the fire outside! Honestly, that night will be one I won’t forget. it was perfect in every single way.

If you’re thinking about giving a trip to Colorado a try, check out Beaver Creek and stay at The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. I can’t recommend this place enough!

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