We Tried StudioHop… Here’s What Happened

StudioHop // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll see that I have spent the past month hopping around the city working out at all my new favorite studios! I recently discovered StudioHop, a fitness membership that lets you enjoy diverse and exciting ways to work out all over your city at awesome studios! The whole point of StudioHop is to help you explore tons of amazing studios and classes, challenge yourself to try different ways of sweating, and to help you find the type of fitness you love to do the most! The way it works is that you sign up for a monthly membership, which gets you an unlimited membership to a curated list of the best fitness studios in town! They are the ONLY multiple-studio class membership pass that offers UNLIMITED classes and no blackout class times in Texas!

[Thought about trying StudioHop? Scroll to the bottom of this post for a discount code you can use!]

StudioHop // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

I joined StudioHop in November, just as I was starting to feel better and more motivated after a bout with stage 3 adrenal fatigue [Yes, I’m on the mend and feeling MUCH more like my old self, thank you, LORD]! While I was feeling better, I wasn’t ready to hop back into my typical Crossfit training schedule, so I decided that this would be a good way to ease back into fitness with options outside of cross-training like yoga, pilates, dance cardio and spin class.

Here’s my situation… Crossfit is what got me into fitness in the first place. I haven’t been super diverse in my fitness regimen, and I’m trying to fix that. [I even made it my goal to try out 10 new fitness studios in my 30 Before 30 Big Girl Bucket List!] So, I knew StudioHop would be a great way to do that! In the 4 weeks I have been hopping around the city at studios, I have been to over 5 different studios in my neighborhood alone and I tried out pilates and spin for the first time! [Okay, I tried Spin class once in like 2012 and I don’t like to talk about it…] I have found instructors I love and new ways of fitness that fit my… ness and I’ve gotten to do it for the same price as a membership to just one gym! [By the way, I’m a spinner now. I LOVE it. LOVE IT. I suck at it, but I love it! You feel all sexy there in that dark room, pedaling to the beat! Okay… too much information… sorry. I do that…]

StudioHop // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Scheduling is quick and easy online. You hop right into the studio and are treated like a member and when you’re done with the workout, you hop right back out and you’re done for the day! It fit my mommy-work-from-home-flyby-the-seat-of-my-pants-schedule really well in that I could just decide I wanted to do a class, sign up and show up! It made this momma very happy! I’m seriously obsessed with StudioHop!

StudioHop // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

With the New Year coming up, StudioHop is an amazing Christmas Gift to give to someone you love… and even better to give yourself! I would love to hop from studio to studio with you in Dallas… if you’re in Austin, San Antonio or Fort Worth… I’ll come down and hop with you there too! Let’s set that up!

I love it as a gift option so much, I got you a discount code! Use the code THEHISFOR20 to get $20 off the month with StudioHop! That’s a GREAT price! DO IT. Sign up and then let me know! I’ll go to your first class with you!


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