Corefusion Barre Burn at Exhale // Dallas Studio Review

Corefusion Barre Burn at Exhale // Dallas Studio Review

Exhale CoreFusion Barre // www.

Hey guys!

As you can see, I’ve developed a passion for living an active lifestyle and I love finding new ways to experience that. Living in Dallas provides endless opportunities to get a sweat in in a unique and fun way! It’s my goal to try out as many of these opportunities and give you all the low-down on each so that you can choose one that fits your lifestyle, interests and schedule!

So, a few weeks ago, I had the chance to try a week of unlimited classes at Exhale Spa in the Highland Hotel here in Dallas, TX. During my week there, I decided I would focus on trying 2 classes multiple times throughout the week. The first class I took was the CoreFusion Barre Class. Here’s my take on it.


Exhale CoreFusion Barre // www.

When I first walked into the Exhale Spa, I remember thinking that I was the coolest person in Dallas, simply because I was there. This place is SWANKY… and it makes you want to purchase everything in the store and then be so healthy and look great while healthy-ing. I hung out in the shop/lobby area and waited for my class to begin just feeling so cool and healthy…

As people gathered into the room to prepare for the class, everyone took off their shoes and began to grab their equipment. So, of course, I pretended that I knew what I was doing and copied everyone else in the room and acted like I was as cool as I should be to be in that gym. I grabbed a mat, some weights, a rope-type modification tool and a foam block. I lined everything up ever so perfectly and sat down on my mat. One by one, I watched as women would go over to this big wooden contraption in the corner and hang from it. They would climb up, hang from the top bar for a good minute and then step down and the next would go. I decided that I needed to do the same.

As I hung, I could feel my body stretch and align with my weight from the gravity. It felt REALLY good and I realized that these women were onto something there. When I stepped off the bar, the cutest girl I’ve ever seen walked right over to me and introduced herself. Her name was Kristen and she was most definitely the instructor. She was so nice and I felt welcomed right off the bat! I asked her a few questions about barre and she was obviously very well-educated on the physical benefits of barre and the other CoreFusion workouts. She also recommended some of the other classes to me. She really knew her stuff! She told me that the purpose of barre is to elongate the muscles while using them instead of simply contracting them and that hanging on the bar before and after class only helps that process and works to realign your spine!

Exhale CoreFusion Barre // www.

The class began and, to be honest, I had NO IDEA what I was in for. We started standing up and worked with some weights, which was easy for me because of Crossfit. So, of course, I was all proud of myself thinking, “I’ve got this in the bag… I wonder if I’ll even sweat.” Hah! Karma got me on that one.

We moved to the bar and I have to say HOLY HELL MY MUSCLES. We did a series of the tiniest movements you’ve ever seen, but I was dying… DYING. Y’all… I was dripping sweat and had to put my legs down about 42 times. Plus, I didn’t have socks with the cool little grippies on them, so my feet kept slipping on the hardwood floors… that”s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! The truth is, I was NOT good at barre at first. In Crossfit, if you need a breather or a rest, you give yourself one. You modify and pace yourself just to make it through the WOD. In barre, the whole point is to work your muscle to its breaking point and THEN you stop. That’s why you’ll feel the sensation of your legs shaking to make it through the last few beats, which engages your core for balance and ends up making a glute exercize a full-body experience. Plus, they work all the tiny, little muscles that you don’t think about… I definitely did not have the endurance in those muscles to push myself as far as I needed to. I’m a wimp.

And there I was thinking I was SOOOO STRONG and SOOOOO GOOD at fitness.

That’s why I loved it! This workout was something I had NEVER done before and it pushed me to my limit in ways I didn’t know! I got a good sweat in, worked my core stretched and moved while listening to AWESOME music. Kristen was super attentive and came over to make sure my technique was on point. I enjoyed the class so much that I came back twice more [and was better at it every time!]

At the end of the class, I felt great. I wasn’t worn out from a hard workout, but my body definitely felt worked in a really great way. This workout is great for anyone who wants to tone up, has ballet experience [or none at all], likes yoga… they go great together–balance and flexibility, or is just getting back to working out after an injury… it’s low-impact and great at strengthening those little muscles and your core!

Go try out a class at Exhale. It’s a really awesome gym/spa!

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  • Lance Comstock
    Posted at 14:06h, 13 August

    I fell in love with Core Fusion Barre from the first dvd I ever did at home. I found out later that the Core Fusion classes were held at Exhale Spa; I was so overjoyed that I lived in Dallas. I’ve been going there since August of 2015 and I love it so much. Such an awesome and caring community there, the core fusion and yoga classes are transformative and challenging, and the spa therapies are the best. Love, love Exhale.

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