Taylor Voth



An Oklahoma native recently based in Dallas, Texas, Taylor is a freelance writer who loves living her favorite motto, ‘Grow where you’re planted.’ She is an avid traveler, bookworm, gym rat and aspiring homesteader (currently the proud mother of three backyard chickens: Omelet, Souffle and Quiche.)  Her favorite things include her morning coffee ritual with Jesus, cute restaurants and spending time outside with her husband, Josh, and the sweetest goldendoodle of all time, Rigby.


At 21, Chandler was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and an autoimmune disease linked to her thyroid. This changed the way she looked at living and transformed her focus towards an all-natural lifestyle. While not everything she does is completely all natural, she strives to make it a priority and is learning as she goes.


As a Christian, Chandler aims to live as Jesus lived, growing “in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God and in favor with man.” She believes that living well is only achieved when you strive to grow spiritually, too. This blog focuses on making the most out of the lives we are given and striving to live well in all aspects of it.

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