The Broadmoor – The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

The Broadmoor – The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

Two weeks ago, my husband and I packed up our family, tossed the kids in the car, and started the drive from Dallas, TX to Beaver Creek, CO, where we would spend the next 20 days. This summer, we made the 15 hour drive in one sitting, but we decided that we’d break our drive up in the winter, so we stopped in Colorado Springs to stay at The Broadmoor for a night.

We’ve stayed at The Broadmoor before, but only during the summer while attending a wedding. We loved our stay then, and our son really enjoyed the swimming pool and bowling alley and arcade, but we had never visited the historic hotel in the wintertime, so we were excited to see it. The Broadmoor is known for making sure that each guest has a experience unlike anything else. When you first pull up to the hotel, you know that you’re arriving somewhere special – a place you truly don’t have to leave once you’re there. In the summertime, there are more activities to do than you could ever imagine, and I knew the winter would be no exception.

We were pretty weary from the drive, but our kiddos were wired from sitting in their carseats all day, so as soon as we arrived, the kids were out of the car, eating snow and running around. The hotel staff was welcoming and helpful, taking us and our luggage up to our suite with a sense of humor and hospitality. Our room was gorgeous and the view was a breathtaking picture of the frozen lake that runs in between the two towers of the hotel. A big cold front had just come in so the entire place was covered in snow and, which made the Christmas decorations and twinkling lights even more beautiful.

We quickly changed clothes and ran downstairs to grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes they have on site. A pastry chef invited us back to the kitchen, where she showed us all about how they make their chocolates there. We learned that The Broadmoor is one of only a handful of places that has their own, proprietary blend of chocolate, which of course we got to try! She gave us a tour of the kitchen and sent us home with white chocolate-covered cocoa puffs, which are now my new favorite candy!

After our tour, we were able to check out the other, fun, holiday attractions they had going on, like a life-size car made of gingerbread, gorgeous holiday decor, Santas made out of chocolate, The Nutcracker showing in their movie theatre and more! We sat down for dinner at Ristorante Del Lago (their lakeside Italian restaurant) where the kids ate pasta and we had calamari, the most amazing rotisserie chicken, and cocktails! We were so exhausted and full, that we ran back up to our room, where warm cookies and milk were awaiting our littles by the fire! They took a bath in the most luxurious tub and we all went straight to sleep!

The next morning, I had a spa appointment and the kids wanted to swim, so dad took them to the indoor pool while I headed to the spa! The pool is perfect for swimming laps, or for getting toddler/preschooler energy out before the rest of your drive, and it’s in the same part of the hotel as the fitness center, which is huge and state of the art! The spa did not disappoint either. It’s tucked away into the side of the hotel and is the perfect way to get some pampering in the mountains. I had a massage that I never wanted to end, but alas it did and we were on the road again. Before I went back to my room to change, though, I spent about 15 minutes in their oxygen room – the perfect spot to restore and replenish your body in the high altitude!

If you’re looking for a place to take your family on a vacation, The Broadmoor is the perfect spot. It’s only an 11 hour drive from Dallas (or a 1.3 hour flight), and only 3 hours from the mountain resorts like Vail, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge! Summer and Winter both allow for some fun and unique activities to enjoy as a family at a beautiful, historic spot, so you can’t go wrong anytime of year!

In fact, they’re hosting a Women’s Wellness Conference – The Elements of Healthy Living featuring Shannon Bahrke as the keynote speaker at The Broadmoor this March 12-15, and I am hoping to attend!  There will be breakouts covering a wide variety of topics like The Importance of Sleep/Healthy Sleep Cycles, Hormone Therapy, and Realistic Eating Habits for a Busy Lifestyle. To me, The Broadmoor is the perfect place to learn about wellness initiatives while getting a chance to practice some self-love in God’s beautiful creation! You can learn more about the conference here.

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