The Impact of Women on the Wellness Industry

The Impact of Women on the Wellness Industry

In a male-dominated world riddled with toxic masculinity, there is an up-and-coming space that is completely changing the game for women: the wellness industry. In the past decade, the wellness industry has begun to explode in popularity, with more people now than ever wanting to get the most of our routines through healthy living. From the best plant-based medicines to finding ways to laugh at yourself, the wellness industry touches on all bases of health and happiness.

Who can we thank for its expansion? Women, of course. These strong, like-minded women are crafting a community that is dedicated to lifting each other up and being our absolute best selves.

As of 2020, the wellness industry is estimated to be worth more than four trillion dollars and is only expected to grow. In general, the wellness industry is focused on helping ourselves and others live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. It offers tips and tricks to make changes easier, as well as offers support for those experiencing similar struggles. This encouraging community is overwhelmingly female-dominated, with women consistently calling on the shots on healthy living.

As a representative of half of the planet’s population, it is about time that we’re finally having discussions surrounding the health and wellness of women. These stories are best told by women for women, and there’s a reason they are resonating now more than ever. Focusing on much more than just exercise routines and new diets, women have taken ahold of the wellness industry and shown people everywhere that wholesome living options are endless.

The female-dominated industry has paved way for representation of all levels, stretching far beyond all-things feminine.

Women of color have been disproportionally represented in the wellness world, with hardly any attention being drawn towards anyone non-white. Because of this, women like Lauren Ash have made it their goal to create spaces within this industry specifically for black and indigenous people of color to communicate and connect with each other. Now, black women in the wellness industry are thriving more than ever with the ability to reach their voices far– to young women who are desperate for belonging.

Female health, in general, has been a taboo subject for years. Most of us have been told to keep it hush-hush, that it is our own personal business to deal with. Thankfully, the newfound wellness industry is crushing this antiquated stigma, giving women everywhere the opportunity to finally discuss topics that we’ve been told to repress. Whether this is anything from menstruation to sex, the health and wellness industry isn’t holding back: you have questions? We have answers. Thanks to the women behind this progress, conversations about female health are more normalized than ever before.

The progress that women have made within the health and wellness industry is only the beginning. As we continue to become more and more comfortable discussing even the most taboo subjects, the better the overall understanding becomes.

Us women have opened up the conversation of wellness to be more than just eating right and getting exercise. With a firm understanding of mental wellbeing and overall lifestyle balance, the women behind the booming industry are allowing all of us–man and woman–to take care of ourselves the way we’re meant to.

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