The Importance of Recovery and Sleep with Bear Mattress

The Importance of Recovery and Sleep with Bear Mattress

Today, I’m telling you about our experience sleeping on our mattress and pillows from Bear Mattress. I’m so excited to tell you about this amazing product and why I recommend it for anyone – athletes or not.

Last year I found myself in a pickle. One of those pickles that I felt like I couldn’t get out of on my own. I was exhausted all of the time. For months on end, the fatigue was almost debilitating – keeping me from being able to focus and complete even the simplest tasks it seemed. If I even made it to a workout, I felt like I was sore for days because I wasn’t ever able to fully recover. And when I did try and sleep? My brain couldn’t turn off, causing my sleeps to be restless and far from restful. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and, yes, I would not be able to get myself out of this pickle alone. With the help of doctors, supplements, habit changes and switching back to a regimented diet, I was finally able to rest and allow my body to recover and heal.

I put myself in that pickle. I didn’t value rest and recovery like I should’ve. I put too much on my plate, pushed myself in the gym and continued adding more and more and pushing myself more and more until my body was so fatigued that it couldn’t recover. It’s not only a bad idea to not listen to your body, it’s dangerous. This was a huge wakeup call for me to take the time to honor my body and allow it to rest.

That’s why, when we found out I was pregnant almost on year later, my husband and I decided it was time to invest in our recovery and rest. Sleeping while pregnant isn’t easy… and adding a newborn to the mix will only make sleep more few and far between. That’s why we wanted to do whatever we can to maximize the recovery effects of the sleeps that we ARE getting. That’s why we chose the Bear Mattress mattress and pillows for our family.

Let me stop for a moment to tell you this – F and I really did our research here. We chose Bear Mattress and then I reached out to them. This is not a sponsored post, but I did get a discount on the mattress, so I want to be honest with you! That discount, though, did not make the decision for us. We had already decided to give the Bear Mattress pillows and mattress a try. Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming…

Bear Mattress is an awesome company that has created a mattress that incorporates the healing technology of infrared light and cooling! The Bear Mattress infrared mattress was engineered using four layers of cooling, contouring, and comforting layers of foam to increase the pressure relieving properties that help us sleep better and recover faster. Rest and recovery is essential, but it’s infinitely more important for athletes and those of us who push ourselves in the gym. The best part? The mattress has built in cooling… yes, I said that BUILT IN COOLING [cue the celebrations of all hormonal women everywhere]! They do this by using graphite-gel infused foam and some secret sauce they don’t want us to know the recipe to I’m sure. The end result? A mattress that is universally comfortable, sleeps cool, helps you recover faster and increases your energy. Science is cool, y’all.

Wait, I’m not done. It comes in a box an arrives on your doorstep.

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. However, with the current POCrap we had been sleeping on for years [I used to roll down into the center of the mattress because of our body divots… not cool], I was willing to give it a try. Plus, their 100 night risk-free trial made me feel better. The mattress arrived and we were able to set it up an have it on our bed in a matter of minutes. [See the video below]. Honestly… the hardest part of the setup process was moving our old mattress out of the house!

The day our mattress arrived, I had an appointment with my prenatal chiropractor and I told her how excited I was to give it a try. She reminded me that it takes a while to get used to a new mattress and mot to judge this one too quickly. I was hoping that the dichotomy between the Bear Mattress and our old one would be so great that I noticed a positive change immediately, but I took her advice and went to sleep that night with no expectations.

I woke up the happiest momma that next morning.

The difference was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. I did not have to get up in the middle of the night and turn the air conditioning down even lower [and this is pregnant. in Texas. in August.] and I woke up feeling like my body was aligned and happy. Every single night, I fall asleep faster than normal, I stay asleep longer and I wake up far more rested that normal. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I had no idea that my “normal” was probably playing a big roll in my body’s inability to recover. Speaking of recovering as an athlete, my husband sleeps like a baby now and has actually seen some pretty good strides in the gym. He’s hitting PR’s left and right and I can’t help but notice the correlation between his recovery habits [we’re much more mindful of them now than we were before] and his gains!

I truly cannot recommend Bear Mattress enough. Their mattresses and pillows [literally, every side is the cool side of the pillow] are amazing! I’m working on a post about rest and recovery that will go live soon, so check back here for more information on the topic and why it’s so important.


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