The Macro Diaries // Counting Macros? What am I DOING?!

The Macro Diaries // Counting Macros? What am I DOING?!

*Added Later: Since this has been one of my most popular posts, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to check out each post in my macro diaries… I talk about the high’s and low’s of counting macros and walk through the steps of how to count your macros daily. I also share tips and tricks that helped me through the process. Good luck!*

Hi Everyone!

So… I married F, a really healthy guy. Me? Not so much. I removed gluten due to an intolerance diagnosis in 2009, but besides that, I never worked out or particularly ate healthy. I married this really hot dude and all that changed. You see, living a healthy lifestyle was important to him and even though I fought it tooth and nail, I ended up taking on his lifestyle for myself. It’s honestly been amazing! Weird at times, but amazing.

Here’s the gist:

  • We got married in the winter of 2011.
  • F started crossfit in March of 2012. I thought he was crazy and weird. I also thought I had lost my husband to a terrible, horrible cult. I envisioned them wearing weird garb and chanting together around a campfire. He invited me to come watch a workout, so I did. I cried. I honestly cried for those people because THEY KNEW NOT WHAT THEY DID.
  • 6 months later, I became one of them.
  • F began eating paleo in summer of 2012. I told him he was a freak of nature and I hated eating with him.
  • I sign up for the LuRong paleo challenge in September 2013 and won 1st place for the girls [in our gym].
  • I started a lifestyle and wellness blog. [WHAT THA?!]

Dammit. I fell for it. And now I’m trying this whole macro-nutrient thing… I’m counting macros? WHO AM I?!

I have been eating gluten free for 6 years and paleo[-ish] for almost 2 years. Since I started eating clean and cutting out grains, then dairy, then most sugars, I’ve noticed a huge change in not only my physique, but my health as well! 10 weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and between the pregnancy and post-partum period, I have significantly fallen off the wagon.

My husband and I were having a conversation about how, with breastfeeding, I had to focus on caloric intake whereas before then I never gave a second thought to calorie-counting. It was extremely hard for me to have to reach my caloric goal for the day, as I never knew how to count everything properly. I am no longer breastfeeding [that’s a WHOLE different story], but that experience led us to discuss some important nutrition questions:

  • Eating clean is one thing, but how do we know what specific nutrients our bodies NEED?
  • To perform at our very best, how much protein should we be eating specifically for OUR BODY TYPES? What about carbs and fats?
  • How do you even measure your intake of each?
  • If I were to find out this information, what would happen if I began to implement this knowledge into my lifestyle?

We decided to look into counting our macro-nutrients. After seeing some amazing results in the performance and physiques of some of our friends, we decided to sign up with a group called Working Against Gravity to help us through the process of counting macros. This company takes into account your body type, lifestyle and goals and provides you with the specific amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that YOUR body needs every day. They then coach you as you go from week to week measuring, logging, maintaining and counting macros.

Why is this important?

“Inadequate protein during a calorie deficit will cause you to lose muscle. Inadequate fat intake will negatively impact many of the hormones that help your continued weight loss. And inadequate carbohydrate intake can negatively impact training performance in many instances. So, while you can drop weight by counting calories, we aren’t just interested in dropping weight. We want a good lookin’, athletic, healthy body.” — On the Regimen [<–Click there for more info]

So, long story short, we’ve challenged ourselves to 8 weeks of this. We’ll be counting our macros and I’ll be blogging about the experience every week [pictures and all… ugh]. Is this worth the work? We’ll find out together!

Oh LORD, what have I gotten myself into now?

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    Thanks for blogging your journey! It’s helping me get back on track!!

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