The Macro Diaries // Week 1

The Macro Diaries // Week 1

I just completed week 1 of my 8 week Macro Nutrient counting challenge and so far, it’s been going well! It’s a lot of work and planning, but knowing exactly WHAT I’m putting into my body and HOW MUCH of it has been very eye-opening. I’ve actually enjoyed it! What?!

My weight has been fluctuating daily, but overall it has gone down! I’ve lost a pound so far! HOORAY! Hopefully I can get some good after photos in the next couple of weeks because I’m not posting these before photos for everyone to see unless there’s a “DANG, SHE LOOKS GOOD!” that comes with the after photos… [Plus, I just started this blog thing and you and I don’t know each other THAT well, so I’ll save you from those gory details until I can say “Look how far I’ve come!”]
From what my friends have experienced, I’m thinking I can get there. I’ve just got to keep on truckin’!
Here’s my summary of this past week:
Food-wise: At the beginning of this week, I was really hungry. I was pretty concerned about getting in all of my proteins, as I thought they were pretty high, but as the week went on, I realized the proteins were pretty easy to achieve and that I was hungry because I was eating things like rice and bread for most of my carbs. [DUH!]
So I started switching out my grains and sweet potatoes out for some leafy greens and that made ALL the difference. You have to eat a lot more of those to get to your carb goals! Once I started going heavy on the veggies, I realized that it was hard to reach my numbers because I was so full, so HOORAY FOR WINE! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a glass of wine when you’re “on a diet” and not feel guilty about it setting you back. I’ve loved that I can just calculate it into my day!
The only bad day I had was the day that I filled up all my carbs and fats on paleo muffins at HG Sply Co. for brunch… For dinner I ate an entire plate of egg whites. EGG. WHITES. If you’re counting your macros, do NOT let yourself get to the end of the day with 90g of proteins left. That was rough.
Emotion-wise: When I was hungry, I wasn’t very kind. Last week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had at school, with a major fundraiser happening that I was in charge of, so I was very stressed. I was also down about this whole macro-counting thing because it is a lot of work and math.
Let me preface that I don’t like to math. I don’t like to math at ALL.
I’m horrible at math and I was VERY frustrated. I actually miscalculated my proteins on one of the days and I was off by 10… I was all “Oh good! I’m done for the day!”, only to wake up the next morning and find out that I still needed 10 grams of protein more!I shouldn’t be surprised… I’m the teacher who tells a student they got a 92 on the test then calls them back up and says, “I’m sooooo sorry. I miscalculated and it’s actually an 82.” So, that’s unfortunately pretty normal for me, but back to macros… I’m getting the hang of it now and it’s getting easier.
Sleep-wise: I have a newborn… so….
Training-wise: As for my training, it’s been going well! I PR’ed [well, a PR since baby was born] on a power-clean! I’ve had a lot of energy and worked out 4 times this week, doing both a WOD and my HIIT on Friday. For my HIIT [High-Intensity Interval Training] I did the airdyne machine [a blend between an elliptical and a stationary bike]. I’m not a cardio kinda girl… but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Plus, I can do anything for 30 minutes, right? Except maybe eating egg whites for thirty minutes straight. I can’t do that again. Nope.
Numbers-wise: I started dropping a little by little every day on the scale and I got excited, but that quickly stopped [apparently, fluctuating in weight is normal for this]. But overall, I’m a pound down! I’m really unhappy with my photos because I’m overall pretty discouraged with my post-baby body. I know it’ll get better and I’m only 12 weeks out from being HUGELY pregnant, but it’s still hard. My measurements were pretty typical to me… I want to get that “waist measurement” down!
On a positive note, I was pretty proud of my “hips” measurement! I did 300 air-squats every other day throughout my third trimester because I heard it would make labor and delivery easier [yeah, I don’t think it did] and my “hips” measurements definitely increased, so that’s pretty great! It’s just this belly of mine. Will it ever be the same?
So far, so good. I’m getting the hang of counting my food and calculating my macros. I must be technologically challenged [says the girl with a website], because I’m finding it WAYYY easier to write it all out than to use the app. There’s not a whole lot to report since it’s just the first week. I’ll keep you updated as I go!
Have a happy Wednesday!!

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