The Macro Diaries // Week 2

The Macro Diaries // Week 2

Hey Guys,
Well, I just finished me second week [out of 8] of counting my macronutrients. And guess what?! I’ve lost 2 pounds and ONE INCH. Yes, that’s right, ONE INCH in my hip line and a half inch in my waistline! Okay, this thing may actually be working!!
Here’s my update for week 2:
Food-wise: Overall this week, logging and counting is getting easier. I miscalculated my proteins one day and didn’t eat enough… I also went WAY over in my carbs one day because I thought I had enough for 2 glasses of wine when I only had enough for one… Oops! But for the most part, this diet has been pretty easy because I can calculate and plan for what would typically be a “cheat” on another diet. It’s nice not to have that guilt associated with a glass of wine or a little chocolate!
This past weekend was a true test to the do-ability of this diet, though. I went to the ACM awards [and all of the concerts that came with it] this weekend, so I knew there would be drinking and plenty of yummy smells to test my strength. Overall, I did pretty well planning for my liquid carbs and fats at the concerts, but this is definitely WAY easier to calculate when eating at home. Even though most chain restaurants tell you the amount of nutrients in everything, food made in a restaurant [fast-food or not] is ALWAYS going to have far more fats than necessary and it’s pretty easy to blow your carbs and fats in one meal. That’s not fun because when dinner comes around, you have two plates full of egg whites to eat…
Emotion-wise: I’m so tired. That has more to do with how active I’ve been and nothing to do with food intake. I’m just so exhausted from concert-going and the new baby. Overall though, I’m driven and focused and I’m doing well.
Sleep-wise: I’m sleeping GREAT… when I get the chance to sleep. 3 hours stretches have been common this week so I’m hoping to get to bed earlier and that the baby is more consistently sleeping through the night. That’s not up to me, though.
Training: Last week I learned that Zumba does not count as my High-Intensity Interval Training. [Yes, I’m the girl that asked]. However, I went with some girlfriends anyways and Zumba was fun! hahaha but I logged it as a Non-Training Day. I did do my HIIT by taking the stroller to the park and doing sprints. 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off, over and over. It actually was kind of fun. I preferred it to the airdyne. My WOD’s were REALLY hard this week. I felt a lot like I was working out in my first trimester–I hit a wall really early in each one and looked like a sweaty mess right away. I’m finishing each WOD, but I’m SLOW and usually the last to finish. This could be because of the nutrient-counting or it could just be my post-pregnancy self. I’m just now back to doing WODs to completion without a ton of modifications so I know I need to be patient. However, I’m lifting heavier than I have in a year, so that’s been great!
Overall: I’m watching my weight fluctuate up and down every day. I was very down about that because I got excited when I lost a pound, and then sad when I got it back. BUT, nothing could prepare me for the feeling I had when I wore pants on Sunday that I couldn’t pull up all the way on Easter weekend!! YAY!!! Pre-baby pants! I also had a student ask me if I’ve been working out, which is a HUGE DEAL because they usually ask me if I’m pregnant again… [most teachers would say “out of the mouths of babes” here, but I teach high school… so… yeah.] But he said “Miss, you been hitting’ the gym? You lookin’ on fleek! Like, you RIPPED!” [this is actually a great compliment, believe it or not]. Anyway, I was pretty excited about that!
So… So here I am after week two: 129.2lbs. Only 9.2 more to go!!
Until next week!

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