The Power of Manifestation and Prayer

The Power of Manifestation and Prayer

Have you ever considered how powerful our thoughts are?

When I worked in sales, I once had a boss that would tell us daily, “you become what you think about most.”

His goal was to instill a sense of power within us. His second goal? To motivate us in such a way that he would create a highly successful sales team. By repeating those words to us over and over again – he wanted them to become second nature to us, engrained in our regular thought process.

And it is certainly true – what allow ourselves to consistently think about, we give power to. Our thoughts have power.

And, as with anything that is powerful, we should proceed with caution. If we become what we think about most with thoughts, that means our thoughts have the ability to create spur us on towards greatness or hold us down. We need to take care of ourselves by feeding our minds and souls positive thoughts and not misnomers and negativity.

Today, I’m going to walk you through a few different ways to powerfully change our lives by changing our thoughts – through mantras, manifestation and prayer.


Do you remember the story of the little engine that could? He was caring a very heavy load up a very steep mountain and he repeated, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! “. Well, friends – THAT is a mantra and a positive one as well!

No matter how little he was or how heavy his load was… no matter how steep the mountain was… he told himself he could do it… and guess why? He made it up the hill, didn’t he??!!

He used his own positive mantra and repeated it until he believed it. He became what he thought of most!

Our yoga instructor might also provide us with a mantra. Om or aum are two basic words or sounds that when repeated during meditation can bring on powerful and positive vibrations.

Even our sounds can be positive!


Manifestation is the act of taking something theoretical and making it become a reality.

I always thought of manifestation as something only a certified yoga instructor is “allowed” to do, but that simply isn’t true. I also thought that the act of manifestation was difficult or challenging, that also isn’t true.

Basically, the act of manifestation is actually becoming what we think about.

Many successful people say that they pictured themselves at the finish line, holding the award, sitting in the CEO office – they thought about themselves having already accomplished what they want in life. What we think and HOW we think about ourselves and our lives is so powerful that many believe their thoughts created their realities.

It’s where we get saying like, “We become what we think about most”, “our thoughts have power”, and the best one so far “a positive mantra can accomplish great things”.

Are you with me so far? This is fun!

Often mantras and manifestation are associated only self-empowerment, but what if we compounded the benefits by adding in the power of prayer?


I am not a theology professor, but if you scroll through a variety of basic prayers, no matter the base of religion, you will find familiar prayers where there are repeated words – even prayers that are just the same sentence repeated over and over. The hope, of course, that these words, mean something to the individual and that we are not just saying them for the sake of saying them. But repeated words, specifically in prayer have more power than we could ever imagine.

The power of words.

With God’s power working in us, he can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of. -Ephesians 3:20

So, how – exactly – can you incorporate mantras and manifestation into your daily prayer time? First of all, always begin by worshipping Him with gratitude. Then, acknowledge that – no matter the outcome – His will for you is ALWAYS best. Finally, consider the change you’d like to see happen and bring your request to God.

Then, change that request into a statement as if it has already happened.

Why? Jesus made all things new – so you can boldly declare that He has more in store for you.

It could be that you want to step into the power you know He created you with, but you don’t believe it in yourself. It could be that you need to surrender something that is causing you anxiety and truly give it to Him and ask Him to take care of it for you. It could be that you need more energy – better sleep – healing in some way… whatever it is, turn your request into a bold statement of faith.

Your request will become your prayer mantra, so you will say this every day as your manifestation and you will come to believe it.

Here is an example of how it looks:

  • Sit in your favorite meditation or prayer chair/pillow.
  • Place your hands in your lap, palms face up.
  • Take three deep breaths in and out.
  • Then be still, allowing your breath to be natural.
  • Enter into a state of calm and prepare your heart and mind.
  • And now you should be ready to begin…
    • Lord, I am thankful for my blessings,
    • And whatever your will is, LORD, I want that for myself, too.

NOW FOR THE MANTRA – so, if you want healing

  • Thank you for healing my body. You have made me new.
  • Thank you for healing my body. You have made me new.

OR – if you want to grow in business

  • Thank you for blessing my business. Please continue to grow me this way.
  • Thank you for blessing my business. Please continue to grow me this way.

OR – if you want to be happier in your circumstances.

  • You have given me an attitude of gratitude. I will go out and shine your light.
  • You have given me an attitude of gratitude. I will go out and shine your light.
  • Repeat your mantra three or four times, but don’t simply say the words for the sake of saying them or to get it over with; feel the words deep in your heart, the same as would with a prayerful request.

I would note that your manifestation, your prayerful mantra should be specific, but not too wordy – keep it simple.

Remember, our path to a better version of ourselves is both a physical and a spiritual one. You become what you think about most and God wants you to become the best version of yourself using positive, kind and prayerful self-love words that are based on His truth and full of trust in His goodness.

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