Recipe // Paleo Coleslaw

Recipe // Paleo Coleslaw

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Hey  Guys!

In honor of the Fourth of July, I wanted to share with you my favorite recipe for an awesome paleo side that everybody loves; Coleslaw. When I say everybody, I don’t actually mean everybody because honestly, I’m not a coleslaw girl. I never really order it anywhere, but there’s just something about this recipe that is SOOOOO GOOD. I mean, every time I make it, I go back for seconds and thirds… I could honestly east the whole bowl every time. I have a problem. Paleo Coleslaw… who would’ve thought?!

Anyways, it’s hard to believe that a paleo coleslaw can be so easy to make and tasty enough that even the most non-paleo person out there [my dad, who happens to ask for ‘extra gluten’ when ordering at restaurants in front of me…very funny, Dad.] will enjoy it.

Here’s the recipe:


Also, I know they’re not paleo, but DANG does this paleo coleslaw go great with baked beans!


If you’re looking for a some other great Paleo BBQ pairings to go with your slaw, here are some of my favorites:

+ You can grill up some SUPER PALEO BBQ Chicken by marinating the chicken first with PaleoChef’s Peach BBQ Sauce. You can ask add it to some organic chopped brisket and toss that on some Unrefined Bakery Paleo Bread for a real BBQ sandwich feel! Honestly, all of their sauces are great, except the caesar salad dressing, which I haven’t had, I just hate caesar salads so I know I’ll think it’s terrible. I bet it’s great too, though, for all you weirdo sardine people out there.

+ F and I always love grilling this great, organic jalapeño smoked sausage that you can find at Whole Foods. If you’re okay with adding dairy dairy, There’s one with a little cheddar in it too, you naughty thing, you!

+ *Shown in the Photos Above* For something that’s Paleo-ish, you can purchase this Simply Organic Sloppy Joe Mix. Add some ground beef [we like Bison] and some onions and toss it on that paleo bread and you’ve got a regular sloppy joe, slop-sloppy joe! [P.S. This was my random pregnancy craving in November. F was like ‘Okay, weirdo.’] *The only thing that makes this not paleo is that there’s potato starch and a little bit of pure cane sugar in the mix… womp womp!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July with friends and family! Let me know if you tried this recipe! Be on the lookout for the recipe to those red and blue cocktails you see above!

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  • Aless
    Posted at 15:41h, 01 July

    Looks yummy but what are those drinks ?

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