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Well… I’m only 7 months late in posting this… B’s birthday is in January! Haha! But, I’m so excited to share with you all about his fun, cowboy-themed 2nd birthday party! When B turned one, we had a “One Little Indian Brave” party inviting everyone to join us for B’s First Pow Wow! This year for B’s 2nd birthday party, we wanted to do another play on words with “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” so we opted for a country cowboy theme and went all out! Here’s how we did it!

The hardest part about living in Texas with a January birthday is that you really don’t know what type of weather you’re going to get for the party… It could be REALLY cold or it could be mild! You could have a windy, allergy-filled and overcast day or a sunny, beautiful Saturday afternoon! You never really know. Last year, we had to find a last-minute location to move our party to because our tiny house was not prepared to move the pow wow inside! This year, the day was perfect! It was overcast, but the weather was comfortable – not too hot and not too cold! The only thing was that before the party started, we had some really high winds! So, our flowers and cacti blew over several times and our big, blue balloons popped like crazy from the blustery afternoon [at least the big, blue number 2 held up]! All the grass is dead by January, so I figured the  golden-brown grass made the ground look more like a rodeo anyways, right? [I’m sitting here laughing at my own attempt to make myself feel better about how terrible our grass looks in these photos!]

We wanted this party to provide both the parents and kids invited with plenty of fun, food and things to take home. We transformed our front yard into a rodeo by bringing in bales of hay, boots filled with flowers, wooden crates, cow-print balloons and more! We set out chairs for the adults, laid some bandanas on top of the hay bales so that they were more comfortable to sit on and I even pulled out B’s old “wooden” playmat and placed it on the grass for some of his friends that still couldn’t walk yet. We hung cowboy hats along our front window and places daisies into vases inside of momma’s old cowboy boots and some mason jars to add some color.

My friend, Molly, from Pop Parties, an amazing event styling company here in Dallas, wanted to help make sure B’s birthday was perfect. She designed his invitations and matching sign and banner and also brought along a large saloon door print out, which was perfect for photos! She also made the most precious little game for the kiddos to play called “lasso the animals” that we stuck into the grass. She made the lassos and everything! January and December were incredibly busy for me with the holidays, a big family trip to NYC, my sister’s engagement and then a trip to Colorado to start the planning process, so I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!

B has always loved wearing cowboy boots, even as an infant. Now that he’s 2, we’re on our THIRD PAIR of cowboy boots, so I used his old pairs as decoration, even putting the infant ones on top of the beautiful cake made by Tram Anh’s Treats. Tram used to be one of my students when I taught high school Spanish and she’s been running her own small business [while surviving as a full time student] ever since! She has made cakes, sweet and cookies for almost every event I’ve thrown since I taught her in my Spanish 3 PreAP class. Check out her stuff because she’s SO talented! She seriously took my vision for B’s 2nd birthday party and placed it into a cake that was perfect for him… and gluten free!

Let’s talk about the food, which is ALWAYS my favorite part! Rodeos provide so much inspiration for making simple foods fit the theme! I served easy, yummy foods for both parents and babies alongside some clever rodeo names that Molly from Pop Parties had printed out on labels for us! I stuck those labels into little cactus pots that had been knocked over 200 times in the wind… you try removing dirt from the prickly pokers on a cactus and tell me what you think about my dirty cactus decorations! I had to give that one to God that day…

B’s 2nd birthday party menu consisted of…

Tied Up Pigs // Pigs in a Blanket
Rodeo Dirt // Puppy Chow
Bales of Hay // Rice Krispy Treats
Lassos // Twizzlers
Horse Feed // Vegetable Tray

For the Watering Hole, we served…

Cowboy Sarsaparilla // Root Beer or Apple Juice
Beer For My Horses // Wine and Beer for their… parents.

… and of course CAKE!

I wanted the kiddos to be able to interact with the party as best they could. Upon arrival, the babes were each given a bandana and cowboy hat along with a sheriff’s star to wear at the party! The dress up station was so much fun and the parents were able to snap photos of their babes in from of the saloon door photo station. They were also able to play with the lasso game, which the little ones loved to do. Each child got to take home their dress up items as a party favor along with the “S’mores Kits” that we made beforehand. Molly from Pop Parties made the most precious printouts that we stapled to the top for a custom party favor bag!

Check out all the fun that was had at B’s 2nd birthday party by our friends…


B’s Aunt Cathlyn took all the photos of his 2nd birthday party, so she was behind the camera instead of in it… I figured I needed to include her in the post somehow…

The most fun thing about this party was the pony! We worked with a local pony-ride company to bring the country to the city! I was the first of my friends to have a baby, so B is the oldest of many of his peers. With that being the case, it was fun to see all the babes [including our birthday boy] discovering the pony for the first time! We got plenty of photos of all the kiddos’ first pony ride! Now, B is typically pretty brave and down to try anything, but he didn’t quite know what to think about the pony, opting for mommy’s arms instead. Once he realized that I wasn’t going anywhere, he warmed up to the pony, but it wasn’t his favorite thing in the world! Still, it was fun to take photos of him on the “horsey”.

B’s 2nd birthday party was a success! I love Cowboy/Western themed anything for a little boy. It’s just so much fun! The kids had a blast, the parents had a chance to hang out with their kiddos were entertained, and B slept REALLY hard that night [so did mom and dad]! It was so much fun!


Can’t get enough? Check out the video from the party here:

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  • Charlotte Sorrel
    Posted at 11:18h, 24 September

    Was a wonderful party! You are amazing and so talented! B is a lucky little one! 😍

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