8 Products We Love for Summer Hair and Skin Care


Best Products for Summer Hair and Skin Care
Now that Memorial Day Weekend is over, it’s time to start thinking about SUMMER! I love summertime. I just don’t love what it does to my skin and hair. I’m lucky enough to have the type of skin that sunburns whenever I even THINK about the sun, and my blonde hair is not one for chlorine and salt water… Needless to say, I have to have a summertime skin and hair ritual so that I can survive the summer without losing my hair and frying my skin!

So, here are my top 8 products that will save your summer skin and hair and make you feel and smell like the summer beauty at you are!

1. Zents Shea Butter Lotion // This stuff is absolutely amazing! It comes in a ton of different fresh scents, but my favorite is Earth. It’s super moisturizing and makes you smell amazing!

2. Baby Lips with SPF // I already loved Baby Lips, but when they came out with an SPF version, this pale girl did a cheer! This is the perfect thing to throw in your beach bag!

3. Bobbi Brown Beach Sandbar // This bar of soap not only smells amazing, it has a layer of sand attached to it, which is perfect for moisturizing! I use it two or three times a week to make sure I’m keeping my skin nice and smooth! Just make sure you hydrate well any time you exfoliate!

4. Tarte Tinted SPF Moisturizer // I wear an SPF moisturizer and an SPF foundation every day of the year, but in the summer, it is so hot in Texas that it’s much nicer to wear less on my [sweaty] face! This has it all!

5. Sun Bum Sunscreen SPF 30 // Self explanatory. WEAR IT. I don’t care if you’ve never sunburned in your life. Put it on. You’re welcome.

6. The Wet Brush // This. Brush. Is. Amazing. Nothing is worse than trying to pull a brush through wet hair. This brush has some magical voodoo stuff inside of it or something and it brushes right on through without ripping your hair out! It’s my summer saving grace!

7. Tan Towels // Once again, I don’t tan because my pale skin reflects the sun back into the sky. I use tan towels to give me that healthy summer glow that everyone wants. Plus, they’re great to travel with! Just beware that self tanner does not replace sunscreen. [see number 5]

8. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment // This stuff is like a glass of water for your hair. It protects it from the heat, moisturizes it and gives it a gorgeous shine! A little bit goes a long way and it smells AMAZING!

Summer is just around the corner. These products will allow you to enjoy the sun and the water without the accompanying dryness and sunburn!

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  • Emily Kristina
    Posted at 03:39h, 03 June

    Iam using the same lip balm (Babylips). It’s so good. I was searching for a good sunscrean. Now I have decided What will protect me from this hot summer. Your blog has very informative information.

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