An Insider Look at NOW Foods

An Insider Look at NOW Foods

It’s been a little over a month since my trip to Chicago with NOW and I’m still riding high from it. The experience was short [only 1 night and 2 days], but it had a huge impact on me! I learned a ton, made some incredible friends, and got to experience something I’ll never forget. Let me tell you about it…

As I’m sure you know, I’ve been a partner with NOW for two years now, and I’ve been using their products for much longer than that! I love this company and the products that they provide, but after this experience, I’m blown away by their attention to detail and their commitment to quality and high standards! This year, NOW is celebrating 50 years of business, so they invited me, along with some other amazing influencers, up to Chicago to see what they’re all about!

I flew out to Chicago on a Thursday morning. I was really ready for some Fall weather, as Texas still hadn’t given me much to work with. I was thrilled to pull out my sweaters and breathe in some fresh, crisp air! When I arrived in Chicago, I caught up with a couple of the other girls who would be joining me on the trip and we headed out to the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, just outside the city. We checked in and headed up to our room to change for dinner. When I walked into my room, I found a wonderful gift waiting for me! NOW had gifted me with so many amazing products, some of which I hadn’t tried yet! I quickly changed for dinner and went down to the lobby to meet up with everyone!

Our dinner was like no other experience I’ve ever had. Our bus arrived at at cooking demonstration space and as we walked in, we were each handed an apron. Once everyone was settled, we were split into teams based on the apron color we were given, and we were told that we’d be competing in an Iron Chef-style competition. There were NOW Food products all around us for our use, and we had 20 minutes to create a holiday appetizer and cocktail using them! My team and I worked hard to create an Italian-inspired Holiday appetizer and a dessert  cocktail using the NOW BetterStevia drops. Before we began competing, we were able to taste the different flavored drops… let’s just say I’m obsessed and the Peppermint Cookie drops have been in my morning coffee ever since!

I was in charge of the cocktail, so I chose to combine some hot cocoa, almond milk, some coconut sugar, the cinnamon vanilla stevia drops, the maple drops and a dash of cayenne pepper to make what I called “The Spicy Pancake!” It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and would pair wonderfully with a vanilla vodka or Bailey’s. Once the 20 minutes were up, the judges had us present our food and cocktails for the taste tests. Our team came in SECOND PLACE! The cocktail was a hit, too!


Early the next morning, we were up and headed to the gym for a workout. The workout was a combination of kickboxing and plyometrics. It was my first time in years doing a kickboxing class, so I was a bit nervous, but I had so much fun! What a great workout! We went straight from our sweat session to a smoothie bar where we had the chance to create our own protein shakes using the NOW Sports line. While we enjoyed the fruits [literally] of our labor, we had the chance to learn all about the Sports line and how quality control plays a huge role in everything NOW does. I’ve always been impressed with NOW, but they have so many things on their website that it’s hard to know all the options you have… This session really gave me a great idea as to how I can use their products to optimize my workouts and my overall health!

After enjoying our smoothies, we were off to the production plant where we had the unique opportunity to tour the plant and see all of the amazing products being created, tested and packaged for market right in front of us! The facility blew me away, but it was the dedication to quality that had me in awe. NOW has quality control technology that NO OTHER HOLISTIC HEALTH COMPANY in the in United States has. Their attention to detail and quality was so incredible to me, I came home and threw away every single supplement I had – I now ONLY use NOW products. I was already a fan of their essential oils, but I learned a lot about the essential oil industry and how many companies market “pure grade” oils and say that they’re the highest quality out there, but how many steps in the process are skipped over and a lot of their promises are simply marketing gimmicks. I’ll put it this way… I only use NOW essential oils

After our tour, we took a break for lunch and then sat down to learn more about the NOW beauty and cosmetic products. We also created our own bath salts and facial mists using NOW’s essential oils. After learning all we could, we were off to the airport again to head home! I drew myself a bath the moment I got home to Texas just to use them!

The trip to Chicago was a whirlwind, but while my time there was short, the impact was huge! I met some of the most inspirational people! I made dinner with an Olympic athlete. I did kickboxing next to the world’s only quadruple amputee. I met a diverse group of women who are doing amazing things in their communities and online. But the biggest blessing of the week was getting to be a part of the NOW family. That girl I’ve emailed back and forth with for two years? I can now say she’s my friend. From the CEO down to the shipping employees, every single person seemed joyful and happy to work for NOW and work together and share their experience with us! I’ve truly never seen anything like it! No wonder they’re among the top companies to work for! I can see exactly why NOW has been around for 50 years and is going strong! They’re an incredible company and it’s an honor to partner with them and share their products with you! Happy Birthday, NOW!

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