The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

About 5 years ago, I was at a birthday dinner with some girlfriends and one of the girls there told me a story. Her sister was having a baby and she went to the mega baby store in town to pick out a gift for her. She told us how she stood in front of a wall full of pacifiers for a good 20 minutes before giving up and deciding just to grab the nearest teddy bear and running to the register to get out of there as fast as possible. She talked about how there were so many options and that she wanted to make sure her little niece would have the right one. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t handle the decisions.

A few years later, I was pregnant and found myself relating to that story more than I ever thought I would. It’s so hard to imagine what your unborn child will need when you’ve never had a newborn living in your home before. Then add the fact that baby gear is expensive and that you don’t know what baby will prefer [because babies have preferences, even as newborns], and the idea of creating a baby registry seems impossible!

If you’ve found yourself in this same predicament, wondering where to even begin on this baby gear journey, I’ve created a baby registry guide just for you! In this baby registry guide, you’ll find the bare necessities that your babe will need [outside of nursery furniture because that’s all you, girl – crib, changing table, rocker/glider] and I also take it a step farther, giving you the advice I’d give you if we were sitting down talking about your pregnancy over coffee. I also tell you the products that we chose and why we loved them! It’s definitely easier when you have a mom-friend to give you the scoop! We mommas have to stick together, you know.

On top of it, I’ve taken this baby registry guide and created a printable checklist version that you can print off, write on, add to and take with you when you go to register. I wish I had had one of these when I set up my baby registry! Instead, I bought my friend [who had been a nanny to a newborn] a margarita and made her come with me!

Download your own, printable, checklist version of this baby registry guide here.

Now, before we being, let’s discuss WHERE to register, because this matters. It matters to you and to your friends and family who want to help you prepare for the baby’s arrival! Here’s where I recommend:

Pottery Barn Kids
Buy Buy Baby
Babies R Us

Most of these places allow you to set up your registry online, which is REALLY nice! I’m all about not having to leave the house unless I have to… although… It’s SO MUCH FUN looking through the different aisles of baby stuff! So so so fun!

The H is For…’s Baby Registry Guide

Okay, momma. Let’s do this. Time to get baby-ready together!

Baby Gear

– Car Seat [We went with this one from Maxi Cosi and don’t forget to get a carseat base for each car you have!]
– Stroller [make sure your stroller frame is compatible with the infant carseat you chose. This little piece made our Bugaboo Bee3 Stroller compatible with our car seat.]
– Boppy Lounger – I can’t tell you how much I loved this item. It’s not mandatory, but I loved it, so it’s worth noting… and if you choose to use it, you’ll want it right away, as it’s for infants.
– Pack-n-Play [especially if you ever plan on traveling anywhere overnight. Also, a lot of parents use this as their bassinet!]
– Bassinet or Co-Sleeper [Our bassinet is this one from RH Baby and Child. We didn’t use a co-sleeper, because we loved the Bobby Lounger. Parents swear by the Doc-A-Tot, though.]
– 2-3 Bassinet/Pack N Play/Co-Sleeper [whatever your babe will be sleeping in] Sheets and a Waterproof Mattress Pad
– Diaper Bag [I bought this one as soon as I found out I was having a girl because I wanted to spoil myself.]
– Baby Swing or Bouncer [Or you can go big and get them both built into one like we did – Babies typically prefer one to the other. This is a MUST-HAVE survival tool, if you ask me! I’ve also seen the Momaroo in action and it’s pretty magical.]
– Baby-Wearing Carrier [There are so many options. We went with the Solly Baby Wrap and it was a hit!]
– Floor Gym / Mat for tummy time [I love this one… and this one… okay, this one too… I mean… baby stuff just sucks me in.]

Baby Clothes

– Swaddling blankets [The Halo Sleep Sack is fabulous. We used that and then we also loved this swaddle blanket brand. Also, these muslin blankets are great for wrapping a newborn up in!]
– 1-2 Nicer outfits for coming home from the hospital or newborn photos
– 4-5 Newborn pajamas [This is honestly all your babe will be in at first. I recommend gowns… even for baby boys. They’re easy-peasy and make life so much more manageable at first! We ALL love Kissy Kissy – so soft!]
– 6-10 3 Month and 6 Month pajamas/clothes [You’ll be surprised how fast your love bug is out of newborn clothes! It’s FAST. I’d recommend buying the “casual outfits” that you love so much in 3M and up!]
– Socks & Hats
– Onesies – get a variety of sizes and styles [long-sleeve, short sleeve, 3M, 6M, 9M… etc]
– A couple infant toys & rattles [Seriously… pick 3-5 and just stick with those for now. Remember that babe won’t be sleeping with a lovey for a long time.]
– Baby-Safe, Non-Fragranced Laundry Detergent and Softener [We use Babyganics.]

Baby Feeding

– Bottles [2-4 of the 4oz bottles will suffice – even if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll want some on hand. I chose Dr. Brown’s glass bottles for our boy… I’m going to give the BPA free plastic ones a chance this time because I found that the glass bottles leaked. Believe it or not, we only had ONE broken bottle because we always had these rubber sleeves on them.]
– Bottle Cleaner and Brush [We loved Dapple Natural Baby Dish Soap and this bottle brush. We also love this grass countertop bottle drying rack that every parent has. We opted for white with a grey tree because we’re modern-chic and cool like that.]
–Pacifiers [Don’t buy a ton… I recommend getting a couple of different types and trying them to see which ones your babe chooses – these are trial and error. I’ve never seen a newborn turn down a Wubbanub, though, and they’re so cute.]
– 3-5 Packages of Prefolded Cloth Diapers [This is one of the better things I did. I bought these to use as burp rags during the every day spit ups, burps and spills… I saved the nicer ones for outings]
– A Few Nicer Burp Cloths / Infant Bibs [These Aden + Anais burp clothes/bibs are amazing, soft and cute!]
– Breast Pads [You’ll have ALL the leaks – breastfeeding or not]
– Nipple-Saving Ointment / Lanolin [I loved this one from Earth Mama Angel Baby]
– Nursing Pillow [I chose the Boppy]
– Nursing wrap/cover
– Breast Pump [chances are your insurance covers this, so check first before purchasing this or registering for it. I used this one from Medella.]

Baby Diapering

– Diapers [I’m not going to recommend one for you because you’ll figure it out for yourself. Honestly, diapering is trial and error. We started with Honest and honestly were not impressed. We switched to Pampers Swaddlers REAL quick.]
– Wipes
– A Diaper Pail [We went with this Diaper Genie.]
– Diaper Rash Cream [I go with this one every time.]

Baby Bathing

– Baby Bath [We went with this one from Boon.]
– 2-3 Infant Towels and Washcloths. [You really don’t need more than 5…]
– Baby Wash and Shampoo [I love this one from Beautycounter.]
– Baby Lotion
– Baby Grooming / Health Kit [I chose this one because it came with a brush, comb, nail clippers, nail file, AND a thermometer all in one.]

Baby Health

– Baby Thermometer [Check to see if your grooming/first aid kit has one. If not, get a fancier, digital one. You’ll cherish them for years of illnesses.]
– Nose Sucker [They’ll give you a bulb at the hospital and that will get you through a first few weeks – if you get a baby grooming kit, chances are there’s one in there, but THIS UNGODLY WEIRD AND STRANGE TOOL IS THE VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BEST AND I don’t care if it grosses you out.]
– Humidifier [I got this one because OMG IT’S SO CUTE!]
– Baby Sunscreen [You know I love me some Beautycounter.]
– Infant Medicines [Gripe Water saved us. So did these Gas Drops. And Infant Tylenol is just good to have on hand – ALWAYS ASK YOUR PEDIATRICIAN BEFORE GIVING YOUR BABY ANYTHING MEDICINAL]

*It’s also worth noting that I do NOT recommend essential oils near, on or around your newborn either!

Not Immediately Necessary, but Worth Consideration or You’ll Buy Them Later

– Baby Monitor [If baby is sleeping in your room, this is a purchase you’ll make later. If your home is big enough that you can’t hear baby at any given time, buy this now. We chose to go with the Nest camera system for our home – it’s small enough that we hear every cry. Every. Single. Cry. So this works for us.]
– Larger bottles [8oz bottles for bigger babes]
– Bottle Sterilizer [Girl, I just boiled some water, but I might invest in one of these this next go-round]
– Bottle Drying Rack [if you’re not planning on bottle-feeding much, this isn’t a must until later. We went with this one like everyone else.]
– Wipes Warmer [We used this one because I thought I’d be Nature’s Goddess Mother and make my own, cloth wipes. It lasted 5 minutes and we just bought all-natural ones from the store and our babe had nice, warm wipes for his buttox, so he knew how loved he was with every wipe – clearly.]
– Teethers [go ahead and register for a few… you know you want Sophie, so get her, but don’t go overboard.]
– Baby Shoes [REALLY unnecessary for infants… but SO CUTE]
– Bigger Bibs with Pockets for Feeding Solids
– Plates, Utensils, Sippy Cups
– Baby Gates / Play Yards
– Exersaucer / Walkers / Door Frame Bouncers / Older Baby Toys
– Bath Toys
– Baby Proofing Tools
– Convertible Car Seat [we love the Maxi Cosi Pria 85… it grows with baby and is super safe!]

Once again, this baby registry guide is meant to be a loose template for you to follow and know which items you’ll need right when baby is born and even later! Go ahead and register for it all! What do you have to lose?

Don’t forget to download your own, printable, checklist version of this baby registry guide here. So you can write in the brands you’ve chosen and take it with you when you register!

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