Valentine’s Date Look with Tootsie’s

Valentine’s Date Look with Tootsie’s

Oh my goodness, it’s February! All I keep thinking this morning is that I still haven’t gotten my desktop calendar refills and I’ve already missed the month of January? Lord, help me! When you have a baby who was born in January, the holidays don’t actually stop until that birthday is over, so I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind of awesomeness [and sleep-depravity] since mid-November! Nonetheless, it’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day is around the corner! So today I’m sharing my perfect Valentine’s Date Look from Tootsie’s! [Where else?] If you know anything about me, I pretty much post only outfits from Tootsie’s because it’s my favorite, go-to boutique in Dallas for any look I need!

P.S. I’m going on a date this Valentine’s Day, but it’s not with my husband… I will tell you more at the bottom of this post!

I love everything about this outfit I got at Tootsie’s! It’s fun, comfortable, flirty and girly… just like a Valentine’s Date Look should be! This suede tunic top by LAMARQUE is amazing! It hits at all the right places, it’s super chic [brings out my inner Twiggy] and is incredibly comfortable! I love the zipper, too! I found some great earrings at Tootsie’s as I was checking out that almost perfectly matched the circular zipper accent… Love them with this top! The jeans, which may be my favorite ever, are from MIH. I’ve talked about my love affair with MIH before… [P.S. MIH stands for Made In Heaven, and all of their jeans truly are just that–the most comfortable pants ever!] These velvet flairs are comfortable enough to move around in and stretchy enough to indulge in all of Valentine’s Day’s finest foods in!

I will be indulging in this Valentine’s date look alongside the cutest boy I know… newsflash… it’s not my husband! He’s into me and I’m into him… he’s cute as can be and smart and his smile MELTS ME, y’all. My husband totally understands why I chose this boy to be my Valentine… The best part? He’s not too cool for PDA! I can kiss him and hug him whenever and wherever we are!

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my [okay, I have two!] Valentines!

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