Vital Fitness Studio // Dallas Studio Review

Vital Fitness Studio // Dallas Studio Review

I first heard about Vital Fitness Studio from my friend, Mai Lyn. She kept raving about this gorgeous gym in downtown that the coolest atmosphere, great classes and AMAZING showers! I figured I’d give this gym a try when I saw that they were on StudioHop a few months later. This gym is actually a hidden gem in the city. They are, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful fitness spaces I’ve ever seen and they pair it with incredible amenities and dynamic classes! If you’re looking for a gym that has a great community, is instagrammable and has the sex appeal of Equinox, you should definitely check Vital Fitness out.

In partnership with The Joule Hotel, Vital Fitness is in the heart of downtown Dallas on Main street, where everything is happening. The Joule provides valet parking for members of Vital. It also provides a variety of visitors, so fresh faces in your classes that are staying at the hotel. While that may be the case, the vast majority of gym attendees are members and the coaches do an incredible job of cultivating the community feel within the gym.

To access the gym, you will descend a flight of stairs in one of the historic buildings downtown between The joule and the original Neiman Marcus. Once you’re below ground, there’s a check in desk with a small, but upscale boutique where you can find designer workout clothes and gear! The exposed brick walls down below extend into the yoga/TRX studio, which has an enclave to the side for equipment with a skylight that provides the most perfect touch of natural light! Next door to this room is the beautiful spin studio. Lit up in purple, this studio is more modern than the other, with mirrors and platforms, speakers and lights! It’s definitely a great space to take a spin class in. Next up are the locker rooms. They are clean, gorgeous and definitely represent the amenities that guests will find while staying at The Joule Hotel – 5 Star!

The classes are trying, yet dynamic. The instructors know their stuff and are passionate about providing their members with great ways to sweat. They’ve worked hard to create as much of a variety to choose from as possible in their space and class times cater to the downtown market, with a majority in the early mornings, lunch and evenings. Not ideal for a work-from-home-mom, but perfect for anyone who works downtown!

Time for my gym rating. I rate gyms based on a 100 point system and I give them an overall grade! It’s VERY hard for a gym to get an A. I’m pretty hard on my grading system, so take that into account. I don’t consider price in any of my assessments because when someone is choosing a gym for themselves, what’s expensive or not really depends on them! Here’s the criteria:

AMENITIES/EQUIPMENT: 25 points total
WORKOUT: 50 points total
COMMUNITY: 25 points total


*This gym is NICE! It is clean, full of the best equipment, well lit and, honestly, beautiful. The gym, itself may be small, but it’s the bathrooms and locker rooms that earn Vital Fitness Studio a perfect score on amenities. Seriously… I wish I could shower here every day!
WORKOUT: 40/50
    SKILLS TO MASTER – 20/25
*Vital Fitness Studio has awesome classes that are dynamic and fun! They have something that meets every fitness level, however, they lost points because there’s only so much they can offer in the space. TRX, yoga and spin is a great variety, but if you’re used to a big gym with plenty of equipment to choose from and classes to take part in, this may not be the best gym for you. That said, I’ve never taken a class there where I haven’t left feeling amazing.
     COACHES – 15/15
     MEMBERS – 8/10
*The community aspect of a gym is, to me, the hardest to cultivate and the most important thing necessary for keeping members in the gym! The coaches at Vital Fitness Studio cultivate an awesome community with the members. They have member events, competitions and specials, cool things to do outside of the gym and an overall awesome community cultivated, considering that they are stop and go gym in downtown. When I look around at the coaches and other members, they are kind, smiling and open. This is not a gym full of gym rats with unapproachable people!


If you’re looking for a beautiful space to workout in with an awesome community and fabulous amenities, Vital Fitness Studio is the gym for you! You’ll love the instructors and the aesthetic of the gym, plus the cool events they host! Check it out! You won’t regret it! You can find them here!

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