Vive Personal Training // Dallas Studio Review

Vive Personal Training // Dallas Studio Review

I am SO excited to share with you a fun, new challenge I started a few weeks ago. If you’ve been following me along on Instagram [specifically in my insta stories] you’ve seen some hilarious [and hard] workout clips of me and a couple of my new friends with a guy named Brock at Vive Fitness. Basically, I’ve been training with him there twice a week for the past month and I’m not looking to change a thing!

Vive Personal Training is my new jam. I love the gym, the amenities and the personal training sessions I get to partake in. What makes Vive different is that they’re not just a gym… they’re a health club, serving their members not just through personally-tailored fitness programming, but with nutritional and supplemental programming as well. Their goal is to provide long-term solutions to help their members achieve fitness and nutrition at a completely different caliber. Every member gets to participate in a 1 hour fitness assessment and a 30 minute nutritional consultation. During this consultation, members get to participate in BioSignature or BioPrint Testing.

BioPrint Testing is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. BioPrint body fat analysis is a unique method of testing that tells you exactly why your body stores more fat in certain ares than others. Crazy, right? Essentially, there’s an algorithm associated with the measurement of “squeezable fat” in certain areas that can tell you what is going on to cause your body to store fat in that specific area. This analysis, coupled with an understanding of your lifestyle, helps determine the current state of your body and which personal and nutritional goals to set. No body is exactly the same, so after this testing, you walk away with an individualized fitness and nutritional plan based on your own genetic makeup and hormone levels! I’ve never seen this anywhere else besides Vive Personal Training!

This testing is the real deal, y’all! I didn’t go into any detail about any of my health issues and Jon at Vive told me exactly what I knew based on diagnosis through measuring what he could pinch in certain areas. For me, this means my autoimmune issues cause me to experience more inflammation and potentially an issue with insulin. I was told to cut out dairy and grains completely [hello, paleo diet] and to stick to a high protein, high vegetable diet with good fats.

I’ve been pretty lax over the past year on my diet, especially with my adrenal fatigue issues [so what, I’m an emotional eater] and i started sticking to paleo strictly again right as I started training with Brock at Vive. Overall, it feels SO good to be weight training again and I’ve got good news, too… within weeks, my measurements decreased!

On top of nutritional advice, they’ve given me some great supplementation as well. I’m already on thyroid-centered multi-vitamins, fish oils and probiotics, but they added Vitamin D and amino acids to help boost my recovery and protein intake. I can tell a difference in how I feel before during and after a workout and I can tell a change in my body in terms of inches, while the scale hasn’t changed all that much [I have to remind myself that I’m building muscle, and that weighs more than fat on a scale]. I’m not going to lie, though… weight loss is NOT my goal. I want to be healthy. That’s it.

The workouts are extremely dynamic. I love the entire hour, from warm up to HIIT to weight training to abs. Brock manages to KICK. OUR. BOOTIES. every single time. I typically end the workout telling him I love him and hate him at the same time!

Time for my gym rating. I rate gyms based on a 100 point system and I give them an overall grade! It’s VERY hard for a gym to get an A. I’m pretty hard on my grading system, so take that into account. I don’t consider price in any of my assessments because when someone is choosing a gym for themselves, what’s expensive or not really depends on them! Here’s the criteria:

AMENITIES/EQUIPMENT: 25 points total
WORKOUT: 50 points total
COMMUNITY: 25 points total


*This gym is NICE! It is clean, full of the best equipment, well lit and, honestly, beautiful. The showers and bathrooms/locker rooms are clean and well-kept.
WORKOUT: 50/50
*Vive, to me, got a perfect score on the workout section of the rubric. The workouts provide a chance to master new skills always, from sprints to olympic lifting. On top of it, the personal training is catered directly to you, so the workouts are NEVER the same. Now, THAT’S how to you keep someone coming back!
     COACHES – 15/15
     MEMBERS – 8/10
*The community aspect of a gym is, to me, the hardest to cultivate and the most important thing necessary for keeping members in the gym! The coaches at Vive cultivate an awesome community with the members. I have grown to adore the girls I workout with too and that provides a great sense of accountability. When I look around at the other members, they are kind, smiling and open. This is not a gym full of gym rats with unapproachable people!


I’ve noticed an immediate change and benefit from training here in just four week. I can’t wait to see where I am at the end of the summer! Watch how I’ve gotten stronger and faster over the first month of training!

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