Want to Drink More Water? Here’s How.

Want to Drink More Water? Here’s How.

Today is all about nature’s mixed drink… water! Do you love it and have no problem consuming half your body weight in ounces daily or is it really hard for you to even finish one glass? Wherever you fall on the water-loving spectrum, I want to give you tips to maintain/increase your intake since it’s a crucial part of overall health. Water makes up to ~60% of our bodies, depending on age, gender, and body composition. It matters for everyone.

Water could become your go-to beverage of choice if you:

Get a fab water bottle- Take a trip to Target (that’s an easy ask) and invest in a fun reusable water bottle. This way, you’ll actually want to carry it with you + sip throughout the day. You won’t just recycle/lose it by the end of the night. Do whatever works for you. I used to have a 32 oz blue bottle from Victoria’s Secret that says, “Non Stop Party.” It motivated me and my daily goal was to fill it up twice. A big RIT bottle (my husband’s alma mater) is my current favorite. Make your water bottle fab + meaningful and get those ounces in!

Infuse it with flavor- I get it. Water doesn’t excite everyone’s taste buds. That’s totally fine, we can work with that. Next time, take your glass and slice up some lemons/cucumbers or throw in some mint/strawberries (really, whatever your favorite flavors are) to appeal to the taste buds. This will increase your intake dramatically. There are even water bottles with built in fruit infusers now. Adding a splash of fruit juice to your favorite La Croix flavor could work too.

Treat yo’ self! Make a deal with yourself that you can only enjoy another type of beverage (aka treat yo’ self) AFTER you’ve met your water intake quota for the day. That diet coke, sweet tea, or glass of red wine will taste even better after you’ve “earned” it. Over time, after you’ve met your H20 goal, you won’t always be thirsty enough for your reward drink. Then it’s a win/win, saving those calories. If another beverage isn’t enticing, think of a small non-food treat you can gift yourself when you meet your water goal… like booking a long overdue massage or buying a new journal.

Water does so much for us. It nourishes our body’s cells and flushes toxins out of our systems. It lubricates our joints and serves as cushion to organs like the heart, lungs, and eyesHydration is key to doing simple everyday tasks and walking out our purposes in life. Choose the tip above that resonates most with you and challenge yourself to consume more of nature’s mixed drink this week. Warning… you may grow to LOVE it. 😊

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