Want to Read More? Here’s How…

Want to Read More? Here’s How…

I’ve heard it a ton; “I just don’t have time to read!” I’ve heard it come out of my own mouth and out of the mouths of plenty of other people I know.

I get it! Reading takes time. That same time can so easily be sucked up by binging series after series of Netflix show, getting caught up on any number of podcasts, or even just your job, your house, your family. Unless you’re listening to an audio-book, it’s one of the few things that you really can’t multitask.

Admittedly, in my adult life I haven’t always been much of a reader. As a teacher (wow this is so embarrassing to admit that I didn’t read as a teacher despite the fact that I was always nagging my students to read), I just didn’t have time to read for pleasure. I would always read a few novels over the summer and maybe over Christmas break, but that was it. Looking back, I definitely had time because I somehow finished plenty of Netflix series during my teaching career.

This year though, I have made it a resolution to read more. And yes, I know all about resolutions, but let me tell you, it’s July and I’m actually ahead of my original goal. Here are my tips and tricks to reading more as a busy adult:

  • Sign up for Goodreads!

This is a social network for book lovers. I personally find some of the “social” aspects confusing on the app, but it is the perfect way to track your reading and plan ahead.

  • Set a reading goal

On Goodreads, you can sign up for the reading challenge, basically the number of books you are going to read in the calendar year. This year, I am aiming to read 30 books, which shakes out to 2.5 books a month. Every book you indicate that you are currently reading and then finish within the app will automatically be counted toward your annual goal. You can also see what your friends’ goals are.

  • Maintain book lists

I used to so often hear or see the name of a book that looked interesting and then forget about it by the time I was free to read it. Now anytime I have a book I might want to read, I pull out my phone and add it to my Goodreads “Want to Read” List. This way, when I am at the library or on the library website, I can easily pull it up and find something, instead of starting at square 1.

  • Get a library card

As a young adult, I honestly didn’t read much because I thought it was “too expensive.” This is true if you are only willing to buy books, but once I got over the need to own books, I started reading a LOT more.

  • Utilize your library’s website

This has been a lifesaver especially as a mom. I don’t usually have the pleasure of browsing the library alone, so I browse the website and put books I want to read on hold. This way, when my book is available, I can pop in and grab it easily with my kids in tow.

  • Check out more books than you might be able to read

I always check out a few books that look good at a time, knowing that I won’t get to all of them. This saves me from having down time between library trips and gives me something to read if I need to abandon a book or finish one more quickly than expected.

  • Read e-books and paper books

I am always reading a few books at a time. I always have at least one checked out on my Libby App, which is the app my library uses to loan out e-books, and a few physical books on my nightstand. That way I always have a book to read should I find myself with free, unexpected reading time.

  • Have your library order books for you

I didn’t know you could do this until I was talking to a librarian friend I have from church. If your library doesn’t have a copy of a book you want to read, ask one of the librarians what the procedures are for requesting a copy. At my library, it’s a very simple form, and none of my requests have been rejected.

  • Share your reads on social media

One of the most fun parts of reading is talking about it with your tribe. Share what books you have loved and ask friends for recommendations!

Yes, I still watch loads of TV, but I am proud of myself for successfully making what once seemed to be an impossible goal into a habit for me. What tips and tricks do you have for reading more or holding yourself accountable to your goals?

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