Weekly Skin Detox You can do at Home

Weekly Skin Detox You can do at Home

Weekly Skin Detox // Beautycounter // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Good Morning!

It’s the end of summer, y’all. We’ve been through months of heat, lot’s of traveling [and indulging while traveling], plenty of chlorine and salt water, high altitude and humidity… My skin has seen it all this summer! It’s time for a skin detox.

Thanks to Beautycounter, I have to say that my skin has faired pretty well! I’ve only had two breakouts and those have been purely hormonal… ain’t nothin’ a topical cream can fix. So, overall, I’m really happy with my results from using Beautycounter. If you aren’t familiar with Beautycounter, it’s a non-toxic, cleaner-than-clean skincare and cosmetics company and BOY, am I obsessed.

Back to the skin detox…

This is a routine that is easy, simple and works to remove the toxins out of your skin. This is something you can do weekly, too! It’s a great way to ‘reset’ your skin after a traveling, after a fun weekend out on the town or, if you’re like me, after a few days of eating like crap and you feel like you just need to get the icky’s out… yeah… that’s me after that last trip!

Here’s what you need:


Make 2 glasses of water, filled with cucumbers and cilantro ahead of time. You can prep this the night before or even an hour before. The cucumbers make the water even more hydrating and the cilantro is full of detoxifying antioxidants (it’s great to eat during a hangover)!


Here’s what to do:

  1. Head into the kitchen, fill up a glass of warm water. Add a squeeze of lemon and drink it up. The lemon will help detox your body. I actually recommend doing this every single morning, but if you don’t do that, drinking it just before this skin detox is fine too.
  2. Start by removing your makeup and cleaning your skin. I use the Beautycounter Rejuvenating  cleanser for this skin detox because it’s gentle and light. You don’t want to scrub, just clean it really well. Make sure your skin is still a little damp.
  3. Then, use a charcoal mask. Charcoal is brilliant, y’all. It literally sucks the impurities out of your pores and gently exfoliates while it does so! I use the Beautycounter charcoal mask because it leaves my skin feeling soft and amazing, and I know it’s made with only the best ingredients!
  4. While you’re waiting for the mask to dry, drink a full glass of the water with cucumbers and cilantro. This will help detoxify your skin from the inside while the mask detoxifies it from the outside.
  5. Gently wash the mask off with warm water and a washcloth, making sure all the black is gone.
  6. Use a toner [I use the toning pads from Beautycounter], on your skin.
  7. Moisturize! My moisturizing routine begins with the Ylang Ylang Balancing Face Oil from Beautycounter, followed by the Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum, and ends with the Rejuvenating Night Cream.
  8. Drink the 2nd glass of cucumber and cilantro water. [and really, just drink water all day long]

Your skin should be feeling bright and clean! You can do this as a weekly skin detox or the day of an important event! I did this after returning home from a particularly indulgent [in food, drink and sun] vacation to Laguna Beach! I’ve done it a few times since!

This was my skin before:

Weekly Skin Detox // Beautycounter // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

This was during the mask [you can see the mask working deep in my pores]:

Weekly Skin Detox // Beautycounter // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

This was my skin after:

Weekly Skin Detox // Beautycounter // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Redness, irritation, dry spots, dull skin… All of that was swept away with the toxins. Looking to do a skin detox? This is a great one that’s easy to do, quick and non-toxic!

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