What’s In My Hospital Bag

What’s In My Hospital Bag

Well, it’s that time again… Hospital bag time. It’s time to prep for the big delivery day and hospital stay coming around the corner! I’ve been slowly gathering the items that I want to bring with me to the hospital and collecting them in the baby’s nursery, but the day has come where I’ve packed my bag[s] and prepped everything for the hospital stay. I remember the first time I did this, I was so confused about what I’d actually need while I was there. This time around, I have a much better idea, thankfully.

Heading to the hospital to have a baby is a momentous occasion and one that I like to put a lot of thought, effort and preparation into. It’s a celebratory time for the new life you’ve brought into the world. It’s also a time for you to rest, recover and allow your body to begin healing. On top of it all, hospitals are… well… icky. For me, I want to cherish every first moment with this new baby, so I’m extremely mindful about what I bring with me to make the most of my labor, delivery and hospital stay.

So… what’s inside my hospital bag? It turns out, there’s a lot of pink! When I unpacked it to take photos for you, I realized that I’ve got baby girl on my mind. Everything I packed is pink, grey or black! My hospital bag for baby B was just the opposite, everything was grey, black or blue! I get overly excited, I think. I’m listing out every single item I’m taking, plus I’ve linked to this post, which goes into more detail about the less exciting items, so that you might have a better idea of what you want to bring and what you’ll need!

I technically have 3 small bags:

  1. One bag for me that will go into the hospital with me when I check into L&D
  2. A diaper bag for baby that will wait in the car until we move up to a postpartum room, and
  3. A bag with more items for my postpartum room [items for baby, me and more], not necessary for L&D [see below]

Here’s what’s inside of these bags…

What I’m bringing in my hospital bag for myself:


3 pairs of nursing pajamas 
1 robe 
2 nursing bras 
2 nursing tanks 
1 pair of postpartum support nursing leggingsdepending on what’s more comfortable, I may wear these home instead of my maternity jeans.
1 pair of comfortable slippers with good tractionI opted to leave the house shoes at home and I went for more of a moccasin-style shoe last time. I’m glad I did, as the last thing you want to do is slip when walking around right after having baby.
My going Home Outfitmaternity jeans [yes, we’ll still be wearing maternity for a while], a cute top, sneakers and a hat!
Flip Flops – for the hospital shower


1 hairbrush
basic makeup pieces
dry shampoo
face wash
hair ties

*I talk all about the thought and effort I put behind the toiletries I’m bring in this post here. My goal is to “pamper myself” in the hospital as a reward for pregnancy and delivery! It made me feel fresh and pretty last time and is worth putting thought into. 

An Eye Mask this is a non-negotiable for me if I’m going to be getting any rest when the baby sleeps while at the hospital. Last time, I always had so many people in my room that it was awkward to ask everyone to leave so I could sleep, so I would just put my eye mask on and everyone got the picture and skee-dattled. This is a MUST for new mommas who don’t particularly enjoy speaking up as an advocate for themselves and demanding that they get rest. 

Paperwork – This is a small file folder with some paperwork that is important to have. I’m including a few copies of my birth plan, two photocopies of my I.D. and insurance card [just in case] and any paperwork from the hospital. Don’t forget that some hospitals require pre-registration! I also included a page with our pediatrician’s information. Just in case my husband or mom needs to access any of that information quickly, it’s all right there.

A miniature version of my PRK [Postpartum Recovery Kit]:

Nipple Butter
Bottom Balm/Spray
Gel Soothing Breast Pads
Drying Breast Pads
2-3 Adult diapers – oh yes… I said it!

*Most of the recovery items that you’ll need in the first 48 hours will be provided by the hospital. I just bring a small number with me just in case. I have a bigger stash of these items waiting for me at home, where the real fun begins!

**Read more about my little PRK here.

What I’m bringing in my hospital bag for baby:

2-3 Soft Pajamas with socks and hats
2 pairs of hand mittensto prevent scratching… babes can be born with long fingernails!
1 Swaddle Blanket
1 Infant Pacifier
Breastfeeding pillow and pumpI’m bringing the pump in case I have questions for the lactation consultant. Plus, I’ve read that pumping after the first initial feedings [even though you don’t get much] is beneficial for helping your milk come in.
Going Home Outfit and Receiving Blanket

** You do NOT need much else than this for baby. The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, toiletries and other items that you’ll be using right away. Save the rest of baby’s things from the hospital germs and leave them at home!

Not Pictured:

Labor and Delivery Items:

Diffuser and Essential Oils for Labor read more about this here

My Pillow and 2 Dark Pillowcasesthis is because labor and delivery can get pretty icky… I bought a set of two dark grey pillowcases for CHEAP to toss on my favorite pillow that I can throw away when I leave the hospital – one for labor and delivery and one for the postpartum room, if I need it. It’s nice to have your own pillow when you’re in the hospital.

A Bluetooth Speakerfor tunes while laboring

Diaper Bag with Items for Baby Girl:

*All of these are in a separate bag that my husband can keep in the car until it’s time to move up to the postpartum room.

Postpartum Room Items:

*All of these are in a separate bag that my husband can keep in the car until it’s time to move up to the postpartum room.

A gift from B to Baby AI have the wrapping and a couple of little items ready to go. My sister is going to take him to a toy store to pick something out for baby sister once she’s arrived, before heading tot he hospital. I want him to take ownership in celebrating her birthday by picking out a gift that he thinks she’ll love.

A gift from A to Baby BThis is already purchased and wrapped so that when B arrives at the hospital and meets his baby sister, she’ll have a gift for him, too, to make him feel like she’s as excited to meet him as he is to meet her.

Room Decor – *see below*

Technologymy laptop / charger / nice camera / phone charger

Belly Bandit – This was a wonderful tool that I used after I had B to help my tummy get back to its shape! It’s great for that post-pregnancy skin and I can’t recommend it enough. Check out the Belly Bandit here.

What I’m bringing in my hospital bag that I certainly don’t NEED [but make me feel good]:

Room Decor – I’m bringing a cute “It’s a girl” sign to hang on the door of my maternity room, as well as a little banner to hang up in the room with baby A’s name on it! Not necessary, but I love any occasion to celebrate and baby girl is certainly worth celebrating!

Paper Plates/Cups/Utensils – Last time, I came up to my postpartum room and arrived to a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes that my family brought up to celebrate! I remember wanting a plate or a napkin or utensils to eat them with. This time, to keep the party theme going, I’m bringing my own.

What I’m NOT bringing in my hospital bag [that may surprise you]:

A Blow Dryer – I’m opting for dry shampoo instead.

Bottles for Baby – I’m going to be breastfeeding, so no need for bottles!

Check out this list of things that I AM bringing that may also be a surprise to you!


What about you? Is there something you added in your hospital bag that you found particularly helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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  • AlliB
    Posted at 23:21h, 28 February

    Great list- definitely agree with chopstick, lotion, pillow, and love the decor!

    I’m packing an Extension cord- for phone chargers to reach the bed, etc. cash, sound machine for ‘trying’ to sleep, snacks/hard candy (for dad and when you can’t eat in L&D), face wipes-helped me feel fresh if I just needed a quick pick me up in L&D or PP

    Also, the hospital pumps are AMAZiNG to pump with after baby-bring yours for ?s but totally take advantage of using their high grade pump while there and it can be rented too! We had a pump but with both our babies being preemies I took full advantage of their pump which is SO much more effective than home pumps

    • [email protected]
      Posted at 09:25h, 01 March

      These are GREAT suggestions! Thank you so much!

  • jacie may
    Posted at 17:04h, 02 March

    Hi there!

    Thank you for your post!

    Where did you get your tan/gold bag? Is the black backpack the Skiphop Chelsea bag?

    • [email protected]
      Posted at 07:18h, 05 March

      Hi! The gold and tan bag and matching toiletry bags are from Pottery Barn! The black backpack is actually a diaper bag made by Milly!

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