Whole Life Challenge // Week 1

Whole Life Challenge // Week 1

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Good Morning!

Well, I just finished up my 1st week of the Whole Life Challenge! This week was full of surprises for me. First of all, I spent the weekend taking care of my sick baby boy and his little virus definitely spread to me and F… the whole family’s got it now, so I’m feeling like crap-o-la! However, this past week went really well and I was able to log a PERFECT SCORE from Sunday through Friday, which earned me two indulgence tokens to use whenever I want! [I promptly used them for a cocktail at the Baylor game on Saturday and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Kozy Kitchen on Sunday–hey, I didn’t feel well and I’m an emotional eater…. got a problem?!]

Clearly I’m still not feeling too hot.

Nutrition/Supplement: Before I got pregnant, I had been on a strict Paleo diet for a few years, so I thought that I wouldn’t have any issues with switching back over to a strictly Paleo lifestyle… boy was I wrong. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I WANT CHOCOLATE SO BADLY…. AND DAIRY!!! Who would’ve thought I would crave dairy this much? I don’t even eat that much of it! I guess I overestimated my pregnancy and post-partum diet and thought I could shake the cravings… Oh gosh.

I found myself wanting sugar really badly. Luckily, I made these Paleo Pancakes quite a bit to hit the spot. Also, Baking paleo is a lot harder without being allowed to use honey or maple syrup… I’m having to get used to that. I’ve been taking my daily prenatal as my supplement… NO, I’m not trying to get pregnant. I just want to be healthy in case it happens by surprise like it did last time! [GREATEST SURPRISE EVER!! THANK YOU, GOD!!!]

Fitness/Mobility: I’ve been training for this half marathon thing and it has SUCKED pretty badly… However, I am noticing that my runs are getting easier for me! I’m not DYING in the 1st mile anymore… I’m just hitting a wall in the 4th mile… Hey! That’s progress, right? I earned those pancakes… The mobility portion of this has been very helpful for me… I need to make myself stretch more. It’s important and I definitely didn’t do it enough before this challenge.

Hydration: This is the part of the challenge that I think has been the most beneficial… well, this and this week’s Lifestyle Challenge. I was never quite able to drink enough water, but my competitive nature has got me hydrating MUCH better and reaching my daily goals. My helpful hint for hydration: buy a water bottle that you like. Whether it looks cool or is specially insulated or whatever. It’ll make you WANT to drink your water. When I’m at school, I drink from my Swell Bottle, and when I’m at home, I drink from the huge hospital cup with the straw that I got when I had B! I don’t know why, but that cup is just the best!

Lifestyle Challenge // Meditation: This week’s challenge was to meditate for 10 minutes a day. I took this opportunity to pray. I wanted to focus on being specific with my prayers and one of them was answered so clearly for me this week. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having a VERY hard time adjusting to being back to school after an amazing summer at home with B… Toss that on top of the daily stresses of being a teacher and that, overall, morale is LOW among the teachers at my school and you’ve got a very negative, very tired me. I prayed that God would provide a positivity in me that would exude into my classes and He sure did! Between my decision to be more positive and driven and His answer to my prayers, this week at work was, overall, so much better and my energy and openness allowed for me to be a better teacher. Now, I’m trying to think of ways that I can help boost morale at this school! Huge points for meditation!

Overall, I’m really liking this challenge! Only 7 more weeks to go!

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  • Ayesha (PlumPetals)
    Posted at 05:04h, 30 September

    Great job on your first week of the Whole Life Challenge. There are so many things to adjust to, but like with everything, stick to it and it’ll all get better. Best of luck 🙂

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