Whole Life Challenge // Week 2

Whole Life Challenge // Week 2

Whole Life Challenge // Week 2 // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Week 2 of the Whole Life Challenge is over and it was… interesting to say the least! The week got off to a sticky start… that virus that my baby boy had? Yep… I got it too. I took Monday off and started feeling better, so I got my long run in [6 miles is no joke, y’all] and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be… mostly because my darling husband suggested that we run in the neighborhood instead of the around the lake… I told him “No… I don’t think so because there are a ton of hills.” His response was that he’d take me in an area without hills… Now we BOTH know that THAT PLACE DOESN’T FRICKEN EXIST… BOY I TOLD YOU THERE WERE HILLS AND YOU HAD ME RUNNING THERE ANYWAY!! I love you, darling precious husband… I’m also glad that you were pushing the stroller and not me… KISSES!

That darling husband of mine made up for it MAJORLY on Tuesday when I came home from school and was feel HORRIBLE. He took B for the whole afternoon/evening and let me sleep. He even forwent his own workout because I was feeling too sick to do the dinner bath and bed duty. Then he made me dinner… I won with that one… hills and all.

GOOD NEWS is my baby boy is feeling better!

This week was high anxiety for me too. Just overall, I felt jittery with stress. My student lost her father and then my childhood best friend lost his grandfather… It’s been a whirlwind of sad. School has been better. I decided to take things into my own hands and make our work life more positive. I’m smiling more, greeting people more and trying to incorporate positivity in all I do… It definitely makes a difference! This weekend was fun for us too… My family came into town and we all went to the Baylor vs Tech game at AT&T Stadium. We also went on a family trip to the pumpkin patch to get some decor for the house! This week was full of it all…

Nutrition/Supplement: I used both of my indulgence tokens over the weekend, so I started my week not feeling well and without any indulgence tokens… I’m an emotional eater, so it took A TON of self control to not pour myself a glass of wine or go buy a cupcake. Overall, I’m glad to be back on a paleo diet, but with the start of our week being as crazy as it was, we didn’t get to the grocery store for me to meal prep and I ended up a little bit more hungry than I usually am. I need to make sure I’ve got yummies around the house that are challenge-approved for when the cravings come around. A glass of wine at an event on Thursday night knocked one point off my score that day, but I still ended up with two indulgence tokens on Saturday… one was quickly used at the Baylor/Tech game at AT&T Stadium… the Bears won and we all had a wonderful time! I was glad to indulge a little there!

My SPECIFIC cravings have subsided quite a bit… I’m not craving CAKE or CHEESE like I was last week… It’s much easier when your body gets over the initial shock of removing the crap from it… Now I just feel normal.

Fitness/Mobility: My energy level has definitely increased though! While my runs were hard this week, I woke up on Saturday and ran four miles right away like it was NOTHING… Y’all… I’ve never run like that ever before in my life! I felt like friggen Seabiscuit that morning… I just ran and ran! Then on Sunday, I ran 7 miles… it’s the longest I’ve ever run and I ran it as if it was nothing as well! Even though my runs during the week were a huge ball of STRUGGLE, my energy has increased and I’m feeling the good effects of clean eating and consistently working out.

Running has given me a whole new appreciation for mobility. My hips are so sore and my muscles end up getting tight and they pull on my knees… that doesn’t feel too good… Having to take out 10 minutes each day to focus on mobility has been so helpful!

Hydration: Like I said last week… I’m REALLY enjoying this part of the challenge too… it’s amazing what a little competition does for me. I really like the way I feel when I’m hydrated. I’ve noticed that my body is craving water now. I’ve found myself more thirsty than ever because my body is finally getting what it needs and wants more!

Lifestyle Challenge // Encouraging Others: This week’s challenge was to encourage others who are doing the challenge. This went hand in hand with my overall increase in positivity. It’s amazing how just encouraging someone else ends up blessing you more than it probably blessed that person! I was so encouraged just by seeing what people were saying to others and reading people’s success stories online through the challenge. It was a wonderful addition to my day. I decided to start something at work called “Hoots & Hollers” where teachers can submit anonymous encouragement or praise for another member of our faculty/staff to me and I’ll send all the Hoots out every Friday in an email! The first week of it already received a very positive response from my coworkers and I loved pressing send on that email more than I could’ve imagined!

What are some ways you incorporate encouragement for others into your daily life? I’d love to hear them!

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