Whole Life Challenge // Week 3

Whole Life Challenge // Week 3

Whole Life Challenge // Week 3 // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

I just finished up week 3 of the Whole Life Challenge and it was also a rather… interesting week for me. Between school stuff, personal stuff, blog stuff and training, I felt like I never stopped moving until I laid down for bed at night. [Thankfully, the lifestyle challenge for this week was sleep, which I had to get 7 hours of in order to log my lifestyle point each day!] Have you ever had a week like that? where you feel like to just didn’t stop?

The weekend couldn’t have come soon enough! We had parent-teacher conferences at school, which gave me a half-day [which is really only 2 hours less than a regular day, so I’m not calling it a half-day… but it’s better than a full day!] and then a three day weekend for Columbus Day [actually, did you know that in Dallas, they give all kids a day off to go to the State Fair? CRAZY!]

I spent Monday at home with my precious baby boy and just enjoyed getting to be with him for a day. I hate leaving him… I hate it.

Nutrition/Supplement: Overall, I did pretty well considering my late nights at work, a visitation and a funeral, a cancer diagnosis in my family, and all the other stresses last week brought. It was one of those weeks where I learned a lot about myself and others and things were really put into perspective for me. Even though the week was rough, I am glad it happened, as I know I’m a better person because of it, but boy was I happy that Friday had arrived!

All things considered, I only indulged 3 times [I had two indulgence tokens, so I only lost one point!] 2 out of the 3 times were because mama just needed a cocktail. Monday, coming home from the visitation, I had a moment where I remembered that I’m not in control and that only God is. Even though I can rest in that fact, I’m a control freak and coming to that realization always gives me a bit of anxiety. So, I prayed about it, held my baby boy and had a glass of wine. I didn’t mind using a point at all. Food-wise, I was very proud of myself for choosing healthy options instead of diving into the Butterfingers stock-pile I have under my desk that I give to my students on their birthdays…

Fitness/Mobility: I started off the week strong, but became so busy and tired that I had to make myself get out and move just to get my daily 10 minutes in… B was happy though because I tossed him in the stroller for a evening walk around the neighborhood before bedtime. I wish that watching Dancing With The Stars and pretending I’m on it counts as exercise… because in my head, I’m at the top of the leader board and Derek Hough is my partner and I can do all kinds of tricks and twirls… I’m also amazing at the Quickstep…

Hydration: I lagged on this, too, and realized that at the end of the day, I was having to chug water… but it explains why I just, overall, felt fatigued and icky… Water makes you feel good!

Lifestyle Challenge // Sleep: This week’s challenge was to sleep! YES! THANK YOU COMPETITIVE NATURE AND A SLEEP-APPROVED CHALLENGE!! I actually rested. I made myself turn the phone off and go to sleep. I even… yes, I’m going to say it… I even took a nap when the baby was napping! IMAGINE THAT! Look at me listening to the advice people have been giving me forever! It just took a challenge and an internet full of accountability to get me to do it!

Overall, I’m MORE than happy that last week is over and that this new week is here!

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