Whole Life Challenge // Week 4

Whole Life Challenge // Week 4

Whole Life Challenge // Week 4

Happy Tuesday! It’s not Monday! Let’s do a little celebration dance!

I spent Monday at home sick once again. This time it was the stomach flu and it is slowly making its way through the family [sorry mom, brother and husband]! Y’all… whatever this stomach bug is, I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies! I slept in the bathroom on Saturday night [in a hotel in San Antonio, mind you] rode home for 4.5 hours in the car the next day with horrible body aches and pains and then spent all day Monday in bed! I’ve been useless… totally useless. Forget exercise, forget training for this half marathon… forget eating healthy, I’m not eating ANYTHING! I’ve lost 4 pounds and have just been a miserable mess. I sincerely hope it doesn’t spread farther than the few of us in my family who have been taken by it. I’m now back at school but almost each of my kids have said separately “Hey miss… you not lookin’ so good, main!” or “You finna get sick on me?” or “I don’ care how sick you are, miss, don’ ever leave me with that sub again!” I’m able to get out of bed today, but I get the point… I ain’t lookin’ so good. My hair is not ‘on fleek’ and I’m a little ‘ratchet’… thanks, guys.

Nonetheless, last week was a successful week on the Whole Life Challenge and the Lifestyle Challenge was one that really convicted me a bit. I realized that I need to be more engaged in my family and life’s daily moments than in my God-forsaken CELL PHONE. It’s a terrible habit… it truly is.

Here’s the recap:

Nutrition/Supplement: I killed it on nutrition this week. I used an indulgence point at the wedding on Saturday night, which didn’t matter anyway for two reasons [1. I didn’t keep anything in my system, sorry… TMI. and 2. I was so sick on Sunday that I forgot to log my score and thus lost all potential points I could’ve gained that day.] So I guess I get to use my “unused” indulgence token somewhere else!

Saturday morning, we were in Austin with my family at my childhood home, so F and I ran to my favorite paleo food truck, Picnik! If you’re in Austin, CHECK THEM OUT! They only serve paleo and they only serve amazing! We had breakfast tacos [yes, the tortillas were paleo] and a blueberry muffin!! Plus, they have amazing buttered coffee! Also, Picnik… if you’re reading this… PLEASE OPEN IN DALLAS!! I’ll help you! I’ll work inside your food trailer… Just, please! I need you here.

Fitness/Mobility: I’ve been feeling good and on top of my game! Eating healthy definitely makes a difference!!

Hydration: I have a new-found appreciation for water.

Lifestyle Challenge // Electronics-Free Meals: This week’s challenge was to spend meals 100% free of electronics! [and boy, was it harder than I thought it would be!] This has taught me two things… 1. I am more addicted to my phone than I thought I was and 2. When I think about how much time I spend using electronics, I become sad that I don’t spend more time enjoying the ones around me and the beautiful world I live in. It makes me so sad for our children too! I want them to be able to enjoy the world and relationships for what they are… I’m going to try to live this mantra out daily from now on!

Overall, this was a GREAT week and I’m hoping that I can kick this stomach bug to the curb and enjoy the week ahead of me… and BAYLOR HOMECOMING this coming weekend!

Oh! and Happy Birthday, Dad!

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