Whole Life Challenge // Week 6

Whole Life Challenge // Week 6

Whole Life Challenge // Week 6 // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Happy Hump Day!

I just wrapped up week 6 of the Whole Life Challenge! Holy cow! How have 6 weeks gone by? I feel like the Fall season has flown past me and I’ve just been along for the ride! Before I know it, Christmas will be here! This week was, overall, a great week! The school-week was busy and kept me going… it flew by! This past weekend was so much much! Halloween was precious! Some friends came over pre-trick-or-treating with their baby boys and I hosted a fun little Halloween party! B went as a skunk and so did I… F was a hunter! It was once of the cutest things I’ve ever experienced and I still get giddy when I picture my baby boy in his little skunk costume!! PRECIOUS BABY BOY!!! The big race that I’ve been training for was on on Sunday, November 2nd, but I didn’t run it…

For the past few months, I’ve had some funky flutters in my heart. They started after I had baby B and got better as the months went by, but when I started running, they increased and became a daily occurrence. A couple visits to the cardiologist and a few tests later, I was told that endurance training just isn’t for me… GREAT NEWS, though… my heart is strong and healthy!! I’ve just put too much stress on it [both physically and with anxiety] and it needs a breather… don’t we all? So, I’m back off the intense workouts for now and stopped running! I’m also going to incorporate some relaxation techniques into my day and see if it helps! I’m sure it will! So… following me on this cool adventure! Thank you, LORD for my health! No race is worth that!

Here’s my weekly recap:

Nutrition/Supplement: I did great… until Halloween. I used a couple of my indulgence points on candy… oops!

Fitness/Mobility: Earlier in the week, I felt like I shouldn’t jump right back into training because I wanted to hear from my doctor first. So, I went on walks and a couple of crossfit classes and kept it light. I got a good little sweat in, though, which I was thankful for! I’m going to incorporate more yoga in my life and see where it takes me… hopefully to zen-world… LORD knows I [and my heart] need that! It’s interesting to me that once you have a little bit of sugar, your body starts CRAVING it like mad… I shouldn’t have had any Halloween candy… I’ve been having cravings like I’m pregnant again [I’M NOT!!] ever since…. ugh. It’s like I’m starting over!

Hydration: Allergies are kicking in and interesting thing for me to notice… my symptoms get better after I’ve had my water… hmmm…

Lifestyle Challenge // Declutter: This week’s challenge was clean up your space and declutter daily. I chose to do this before bed each evening and, even though I was exhausted after working all day then coming home and being a mom, making dinner, getting baby boy to bed and getting blog stuff done, I absolutely loved LOVED going to sleep and waking up to a clean space. My room is the part of the house that tends to get messy because I’m usually so tired of picking up the rest of the house, I tend to get a little lax with my own, personal space, but I’ve since seen the benefits of cleaning up my room, putting my laundry away right when it’s done and just making my bed. It removes a lot of stress from my life. This was, once again, a great learning curve!

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  • Alessandra
    Posted at 22:22h, 04 November

    Stress can have a big impact in our daily life and is a factor for a lot of things that some times it might makes us worry more than we should. Just sit back and relax .
    (Poor thyroid function can make you feel this way sometimes, it’s always good to be checked too)

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