Whole Life Challenge // Week 7

Whole Life Challenge // Week 7

Whole Life Challenge // Week 7 // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Seven weeks down // One to go!

Week SEVEN of the Whole Life Challenge is through and it’s hard to believe that it’s almost over! These 8 weeks just FLEW by… especially the last two! We started off the week with a Sunday at church and home prepping for the week! Then, once Monday hit, it was WHEELS OFF! School was NUTS with the end of the grading cycle and all that entails, PLUS we had the deadline for the first installment of our Prom Payment Plan, so my room was filled with seniors trying to pay for their prom! This week was also a HUGE week for the blog! I had meetings galore planning some awesome stuff for y’all! I’m SO excited, but definitely busy… To Do Lists are my happy place right now!

We ended the week with a very friend-filled weekend at home, which was MUCH NEEDED. I had a girl’s night in with some friends [in our pajamas, which was awesome] on Friday night, and a full day with my boy on Saturday while daddy played golf! I had a friend from my days in NYC in town visiting and she and I had an amazing dinner together on Saturday night. It was so much fun catching up with her. I love friendships that just pick up where they left off even after years! I’m SO glad she reached out to me! I spent Sunday afternoon prepping a BIG THANKSGIVING MEAL for a fun, styled-shoot that is taking place this afternoon! I don’t want to give away too many details, but be on the lookout for some  GLUTEN FREE and overall healthier recipes for those yummy Thanksgiving dishes that we all love!

I did pretty well sticking to the challenge this week. Although, I am finding myself looking forward to the last day so i can indulge a bit more during the holidays!

Here’s my weekly recap:

Nutrition/Supplement: This week was so busy that, often times, I found myself at 3:00pm STARVING and realizing I hadn’t eaten all day! It’s times like that when it’s important to have healthy snack options around the house… I am thankful for plantain chips, veggies and hummus and Lara Bars for keeping me from blowing a nutrition point on crazy hunger!

Fitness/Mobility: Trying to keep my fitness up without going to the gym or going on a run has been hard. I’ve found myself going for walks, doing a quick ab session with planks and sit-ups and squatting just to get this in. I haven’t had a chance to get over and get a yoga membership yet… I need to figure something out. I do enjoy stretching and I’ve found that focusing on my mobility has probably been the greatest change for me over the past 7 weeks. It’s helped my posture and my overall comfort immensely.

Hydration: I have found that I’m much better at this when I fill my water bottle up in the morning before I leave for work. I end up chugging water at the end of the day when I leave the house with an empty bottle, promising myself I’ll fill it up. It’s amazing how much little things like planning for success in your day actually help.

Lifestyle Challenge // Do Something You Love: The lifestyle challenge this week was to do something you love each day. This was the easiest to incorporate into my life because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING different. I love my job. I love being a mom. I love working on my blog. I love serving these seniors in high school. I love teaching middle school Sunday School at church. I love sitting at home and going out to dinner with friends. I’m a happy girl and my life is filled with things I love!

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  • Mai Lyn
    Posted at 10:16h, 09 November

    YAY! keep it up! You’re in the home stretch and I love reading your weekly recaps.

  • shamira West
    Posted at 11:41h, 09 November

    How awesome! Keep up the good work. I didn’t know you were doing this challenge. It sounds great.

  • Brittany
    Posted at 10:02h, 10 November

    What a busy week! Seems like your balance game is on point! Can’t wait to see the photoshoot!

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