Whole Life Challenge // Week 8

Whole Life Challenge // Week 8

Whole Life Challenge // Week 8 // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

HOLY COW!! We’re done!

Well, guys, The Whole Life Challenge is over and done! I can’t believe it! These 8 weeks flew by! This challenge was definitely extensive and required serious effort, but now, I feel like many of the aspects of this challenge have become second-nature and some have even inspired me to change my mindset! One of the greatest things for me what holding myself accountable to the lifestyle challenges! They have transformed the way I look at my life and have encouraged me to focus on my spiritual growth alongside my physical and mental growth. Because I typically stick to a clean-eating lifestyle, sometimes challenges don’t feel different to me. This challenge, however, made me consistently meet goals in ways I had never truly tried before [like hydration, supplementation and mobility].

I started this challenge at 128 lbs. I’m ending this challenge at 122 lbs. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve hit pre-baby weight and stuck to it for more than 3 weeks now! My mobility has increased significantly, and, even though I’ve been given a directive to stay away from strenuous exercise for a while, I’ve still made a conscious decision to at least get up and move for at least 10 minutes each day!

Overall, I recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to take the first steps into changing their lifestyle for the better!

Here’s my weekly recap:

Nutrition/Supplement: I definitely let the excitement of the last week of the challenge get to me and I ended up losing a point or 2 each day for indulging in yummies! It was a VERY stressful week at school, plus, I hosted a Friendsgiving at my home on Monday and hosted a celebration after B’s baptism later in the week! I used a Free Day token on a day where I ate what I had made for the Thanksgiving Meal for each meal and drank wine at an event that evening. Nutrition-wise, I definitely slipped this week!

Fitness/Mobility: I’ve been doing a plank challenge and going out for walks to get the fitness in for each day. I am taking a break from strenuous exercise for a little while to see if my heart stops doing its random dance-moves.Focusing on mobility daily has been a wonderful thing for me. I think I’ll be incorporating yoga into my daily life from now on so that I keep it up!

Hydration: THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WILL REMAIN A CONSTANT GOAL TO KEEP EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ME. There are few things that affected my body as positively as consistent hydration has.

Lifestyle Challenge // Random Acts of Kindness: Few things truly bless your day like this challenge does! I have loved focusing on doing something kind for others! Making this a daily goal makes my day so much better!

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