Why We Need to Laugh At Ourselves More

Why We Need to Laugh At Ourselves More

We’ve all been embarrassed at one point or another during our lives. Whether it’s been because we slipped on ice out in public or your friend uploaded that one not-so-good photo of you on Instagram, we all know what it is like to get red in the face. The difference, though, is how we choose to handle these situations.

While some may choose to hide and turn from their embarrassment, those who laugh it off and embrace their mistakes have been found to actually live happier and healthier lives. Learning to laugh at yourself isn’t easy, but it’s benefits are tremendous, allowing us a totally different, more positive outlook on life. While there are numerous reasons why this is beneficial, we’ve given you just a few to show you exactly how worthwhile it is to simply laugh it off.

It’s Healthy! (Both Physically and Mentally)

Choosing to laugh at our mistakes is not only good for our character, but it’s good for us physically, as well. Studies have shown that those who have a more “active” sense of humor tend to have a healthier heart with a lower risk of heart disease.

Improved memory is also reported in those with a more robust sense of humor, meaning that the more we laugh, the more we remember. In general, laughing is great for the brain and helps lower our bodies’ overall stress levels. Learning to turn an embarrassing situation into a funny one is something that helps us become more upbeat people. Positivity is key for a healthy mind and body, so embrace your clumsy self and have fun with it.

Allows Us to Practice Better Mood Management

When we are able to put a more jovial spin on our embarrassments, it helps us learn how to better manage our moods overall.

Training our bodies to forgive ourselves for our mistakes allows us to better forgive ourselves, and others, for bigger, more important circumstances. Studies have illustrated that those who can laugh at their slight misfortunes are able to handle stressful, more difficult situations easier. This creates a positive mindset that allows for full self-acceptance, no matter how big the issue. Knowing how to love, forgive, and accept yourself is key in living a happy and healthy life, and it can all start with a simple giggle.

Reminds Us That Mistakes are Natural

Laughing at ourselves can help remind us that mistakes are completely natural. We all experience them on a daily basis, and laughing and learning from them, rather than spending time being upset about it, is key in being kind to ourselves.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking an embarrassing situation and learning from it. In order to grow, we must learn, and mistakes are the best way for us to do this. Next time you mess up, laugh at yourself and think about what you can do next time to prevent it from happening again. Simple as that!

Just Laugh it Off

Once you stop taking life so seriously, you’ll find that you’re better able to enjoy everyday circumstances, interactions, and events more than ever before. When you stop worrying about how others perceive you and instead are comfortable with who you are, life becomes a whole lot more gratifying.

Next time you find yourself making a silly mistake, just laugh it off. Remind yourself that it’s simply not worth getting worked up over–these things are natural! Once you do, you’ll see that life looks a little bit brighter.

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